Delta Air Lines to offer fleet-wide broadband WiFi internet access

Aircell Gogo logoCongress has officially put the kibosh on any plans to introduce cellphone voice calls to in-flight passengers looking to annoy fellow travelers with their obnoxious phone calls. That’s great news and all, but banning voice calls in airborne airplanes doesn’t do anything for busybody passengers with a constant need for data access.

Today, frequent fliers with WiFi-enabled devices will be glad to hear that Delta Air is preparing to roll out Aircell’s Gogo WiFi service in over 330 of its passenger planes. Following on Delta’s launching of cellphone boarding passes at New York’s LaGuardia airport, Delta has announced that they will be meeting customer demand for in-flight wireless data access with the Aircell Gogo in-flight WiFi service.

“Delta remains committed to providing a travel experience that maximizes the time our customers spend with us onboard by offering them even more productivity options,” said Richard Anderson, Delta’s chief executive officer. ”Our customers asked for in-flight connectivity, and we’re responding by rolling out the most extensive Wi-Fi network in the sky.  Beginning this fall, our passengers will have the ability to stay connected when they travel with us throughout the continental U.S.”

Starting this fall, Aircell Gogo will be offered throughout Delta’s fleet. The first planes to get the Aircell Gogo-treatment will be 133 MD88/90 aircraft, eventually reaching the remaining 200 Boeing 737, 757 and 767-300 aircraft by Summer 2009. Customers can expect unlimited data access on flights of three hours or less for $9.99, with flights of three hours and more costing $12.99 for unlimited data access for the entirety of the flight.

In-flight data service is finally starting to become a reality in the US. It’s only a matter of time before most domestic flights are outfitted with some sort of wireless data connectivity for on-the-go professionals and seriously bored teenagers alike.


  • Hassan

    hmmm, i wonder if you can make VOIP calls then :-)

  • Darren

    i was just thinking that same thing. VOIP would be cool.

  • Will Park

    I believe VoIP will be blocked.

  • Bull Mo

    You can tunnel VOIP no problem

  • Dalton

    I really question the neutrality of this article. Saying something like ‘congress is doing this just to piss us off’ is a bit of a stretch…

    Picture this: some plane crashes in the middle of Nebraska, all 473 killed. It has been proven cell phones CAN interfere with aviation equipment.

    In this scenario the author would probably be writing about the safety of cell phones on planes, rather than bitching about not being able to use them.

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