OpenMoko gets even more open; Releases schematics for Neo phones

OpenMoko releases schematics for Neo phones

Like releasing the CAD files for its Neo1973 handset is not enough, OpenMoko is going one step further. This time they’re out with schematics for the Neo 1973 and Neo FreeRunner mobile phones. The idea is to give engineers “free reign to modify Neo phones” and provide them with vital information so they could enhance OpenMoko’s products with new functionalities, external instruments or sensors — or assist them in debugging problems.

Likewise, Switzerland-based u-blox, a maker of the GPS chip in the Openmoko phones, has also made complete schematics for the mentioned GPS chip available. The document shows how the GPS chip is wired into the system, “providing vital information for developers who want to leverage the GPS functionality for new designs involving the Openmoko phones.”

The release of the schematics will be covered under a Creative Commons license and files will be posted in due course on and

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