The first firmware update for the Samsung SGH-i900 Omnia is ready

The first firmware update for the Samsung SGH-i900 Omnia is ready

Samsung Singapore, the same folks which will introduce the white Omnia, has made the first ROM update for the i900 Omnia Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone available.

Aside from several bug fixes, the self-service update includes new functionalities like new widgets for Samsung’s custom Today screen and a brand-new “Hanyu Pinyin” text input method for typing in Chinese characters. And that’s about all we know — Samsung still has to released a detailed change-log.

Unfortunately, at this stage the Omnia update is available for Singaporean users only, but I’m certain we’ll see the Korean giant releasing updates for the rest of the world, as well.

If anyone of you guys and gals have updated its Omnia, we’re eager to hear your thoughts. Do you see any visible changes? Better performance? Comments are all yours…

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  • Anatoli

    Hello ! I have a Samsung omnia but with a beta version of the software. Is it possible to update it with this singapore version ? The phone comes from Singapore, but I`m using it in Bulgaria. If someone can help me pls write me an e-mail –
    Thanks !!!

  • Eddie Cheong

    “Samsung SGH-i900 update a brand-new “Hanyu Pinyin” text input method for typing in Chinese characters” This is a MUST for any SE Asian phone model.

    Samsung should also include the Hand Writing recognition feature like the MS IME Pad in this phone, it is nothing new, surprise they didn’t put it in, or else I will buy it now.

  • Wmwizkid

    The update is Not That good
    The update adds a few new widgets & biz card reader
    But the battery life has redused after updatin
    also touch panel is less responsive

  • Leon

    Bad update….now the vibration fuction each time you touch the screen is not there

  • Ben

    Just updated it.. ya.. the touch vibration is not there anymore, only when you touch something in the main menu screen then it will vibrate. Biz card reader is very useful especially for business people.. noticed something about the scrolling of programs under main menu, the sensitivity has been increased with faster scrolling speed.. not sure whether others share the same sentiments as me.. other than that, have not noticed other things..

  • Mongo Slade

    I just updated my i900 unit with the Singapore firmware. Works OK.

    Since I am in the US, I am having trouble setting the unit with the AT&T network.

    Any Ideas on how to setup the I900 network setting with ATT, The phone works OK on call just Web browsing is a pain.

  • jshuwa

    hello forum, i bought my samsung omnia in malaysia bt the months are in chinese, hw cn i change it to english??? all months in d calender are in chinese.

  • Ddtn

    couldn’t proceed with update, my PC prompted “USDL4 has stopped working” after reset omnia?

  • tarug

    from GG3 firmware now we have HH3 in Manila

  • Yaw-Long Lee

    I owned an Omnia few months ago. The only set-back is the audio is too soft to play as compared to others.

    While trying to upgrade the firmware, my PC prompted “USDL4 has stopped working” when I execute the “Firmware Updater”.

    Can anyone out there assist me?



    2) The last few days I experiencing my i900 battery do not last as long as it did prior to a few days ago. It only last one day with a full charge, I had a look at the obvious possibilities that could possibly cause the drainage, if that is what is the cause, I have check all the settings and they all check out and they are as they should. Meaning obvious items for example GPS Wi-Fi is all switched off. The only part that I found that could possibly cause this is the EDGE and or GPRS. If one download mail or browse, the phone used EDGE and or GPRS. The funny thing about this is when a data session is completed these service do not disconnect. I have to manually click on the icon and disconnect EDGE and or GPRS. Since I have manually done this the battery seem to last longer, I’ll keep monitoring this part to make sure if this is indeed the cause. Surely this behavior is not normal?……..once the EDGE and or GPRS services is complete the i900 should disconnect automatically and not run for indefinitely?

    3) I still have my e-mails disappearing even after the steps and setup you said and mentioned I should change. It did make a difference at first with one day


    With regards to the e-mail question here in this mail I have follow your steps and yes this setting has resolved my issue. The part about memory is noted as you so explained to me. However 8 gig card and 8 gig phone is a lot of memory to run out of. I manage my e-mails and text messages so I would not allow them to stag up, I’ll delete them as we go along, I need to control my setup not a setting where I receive a mail and do not know when I will be losing it. I need to delete them as I feel the need, and if memory becomes an issue I’ll then delete mails which could then be deleted.

    a. With regards to the Bluetooth, I attempted to send a MP3 file 24 mb from another phone and the Omnia did not save the file because it explains about memory too low. It does allow the option to save message even after the warning message. Even after one selected save file it does not save because of the memory warning. The message explains that applications would not start or work properly because there is not enough memory. It clearly want to save the file in the wrong place, the thing is the i900 Omina do not allow one to choose or even select an option where the file could be saved on card or other storage. I have checked the memory space and with all that I have use on the phone it is 277mb only lots of space let. So once again the i900 wants to save this file at the wrong place and does not allow an option to select the correct place.
    b. One annoying part, is if Bluetooth file is been send there is not visual inductions shown of that sort apart from the initial message saying a file is been send.
    c. The part about the recorded sound, which distorts an is of poor quality, this issue seems to be a general issue with my i900 Omnia, doesn’t matter what one records the sound is of very poor quality. The only sound part that is not effect by the bad sound quality and which is not an issue is the voice recording of memos in the note option.

    I have noted that on various forums abroad and talks that there is an firmware update available so my issue is not isolated to my i900 only, as it seems that there is a few bugs that need to be sorted.


    2) There is one thing that I have discovered as well, e-mail in my inbox disappear. I have looked for a setting that could possibly delete the mail after a certain amount of days, however none was found.

    3) Regarding the Bluetooth Icon, according to the manual there should be such an icon, however it is not found on my Omina. My phone shows an voice message icon all the time almost as if it is stuck. According to the manual this place should change and show the Bluetooth icon. This is the possibly reason why I there are none visible.


    I have supplied you with my questions previously asked, for your reference indicated in red.
    1) The manual you have sent me do not make a significant difference as it is of a quick reference guide nature too. The original manual Samsung supply with the i900 do not cover any or in detail all functionality, or any total functionality of the phone as well as proper terminology on all the functionality of the i900 Omnia explained.

    I since have other and additional questions and answers I need feedback on to be explained too which I still have issues with.
    Some of these questions indicated in red were related to my first Omnia, which Vodacom have since replaced which was behaving bizarrely. The second unit has a 90% improvement on first Omnia. My first unit had a few bizarre issues, one which was memory issues, a message that explains that the memory is full, which is impossible as these files were very small, the first i900 would function fine for one third of the time, and or would not function properly two thirds of the time and would again and not again on the next functionality. Most of these bizarre functionality behaviors had nothing to do with the memory issues just applications that function the one time and not on the next. Even after the memory set-up procedure given to me by Vodacom supplied by Samsung, I still had the same issue. The first two days in use on the first i900 Omnia functioned fine, with no obvious issues. Troubles only started after two days in use. These issues regarding the memory mostly happen with the business card scanning the rest with the camera functionality and application functions.

    2) The first unit had intermittent issues where my e-mail would function properly from the one-day and not on the next day, and or would not function at all on the next; this included the Wi-Fi as well. I discover that the reason for this happening, was simply because the first i900 would reset the settings and or simply discard them altogether. With the new replacement unit, the second i900 I now have, have none of these issues and seem to be non existing. This have not re-surfaced on the second i900 unit hence the bizarre functionality of the first i900. I have since discovered how possibly a correct i900 Omnia functionality should be. There is still some issues I have with even the new unit and second unit which I will explain to you in just a moment. I had a memory issue once with the second unit where I used the reset button on the phoned next to the power button and that got rid of the problem, without me having to do anything on the settings, since then I did not have this issue again. At least that memory displays correctly on the second i900 unit. Of cause the first unit I even did a hard software reset too, and even that did not make any difference at all. I know what your response would be here (too many tasks or programs running in the background. NO!! I have checked this part out and it is not the case, the task manger clearly shows just the one application running and no other based on the CPU percentage usage)

    3) Issues which I still have with the second unit:

    The calculator for example goes in to a freeze or hanging mode to the point where it is non-responsive, where it becomes very slow to respond and get stuck, the reset button get it to work properly again. The i900 do not stop to function just that application. If one quit that application then all other functionality work as it should. I know what you going to say next, too many tasks or programs running again in the background. NO!! I have checked this part out again and it is not case, the task program clearly shows just the one running and no other based on the CPU percentage usage. I am sure by now you have gathered that I am not a novice client, I am a bit of a techno man. If I am faced with an issue I trouble shoot the problem to make sure there is an issue, and to make sure of my facts as well as attempt usually I find a work around to make sure that there is a glitch or bug in the software, in this case the reset button is the work around.

    4) The other thing I have noticed, on the camera the picture quality in the view screen would be perfect and when the picture is taken just after the viewing screen shows the picture to be over exposed. This is just bizarre.

    5) The radio works great, except for the part about if you would and if sound is recorded, this is a functionality the sound distorts with poor audio quality. It does not matter where one selects the recording volume level it still distorts with the same poor audio quality remaining, here again it is bizarre.
    6) I have downloaded themes from the Microsoft web site, how do I get this into the correct place and or installed on the I900 phone so I may use what I have download via Microsoft’s web site?….None of the software application that comes with the i900 allow for this to be installed on the phone.

    7) How do I back-up my entire phone?….I know how to back-up the i900 Omnia in parts with “MITs Wizard 3.0” let me elaborate, your program which is called “MITs Wizard 3.0”, for example here e-mail back-up is excluded in the functionality list, here I do not use sync application for this purpose I will explain. I have this part switch off in sync on e-mail and contacts functionality simply because it is not practical for my purpose and or choosing (deselected or not ticked in the list) the sync (program) e-mail and contacts why, simply because I do not need my phone contacts to be mixed with my PC e-mail and contacts in Outlook (PC), Here sync do not allow customizing on this functionality. I have too many e-mail folder on my PC Outlook I do not need them all included on my i900 phone too including contacts, Here I need to have two separate entities. The same goes for my e-mail and contact on my phone which I do not need and want to be copied with sync from my i900 phone to my PC. Here Samsung i900 software do not allow or make provisions for these two function to be chosen by the client and do not allow the client any option to sync customizing by clients choosing and or backup functionality. If I could have for example the program which is called “MITs Wizard 3.0, back-up my i900 Omnia e-mail, that would work well expect that I would need a sync functions on “MITs Wizard 3.0” too, for reason of updating phone back-ups and or changes to for example contacts and e-mail on my i900 Omnia in relation to changes made on the i900 phone and have these backed-up on my PC, so the back-up part would recognize updated and or differences in order to keep my Pc back-ups I sync with my i900 Omnia.
    I hope this detailed explanation made sense for you in this part and that I have elaborated enough so it is perfectly clear.

    8) One bizarre function regarding using a Blue Tooth hand free unit, the i900 has NO visible signs or Blue Tooth icon on the main screen showing a blue Tooth hands free ear piece is connected. This is a basic functionality on all major hand-set brands on the market, why is it missing and or neglected on the Omnia?
    One other annoyance is my Motorola had a functions that allowed the hands free Blue Tooth unit to auto answer by user customizing. Most brands have this as a standard feature on the hand sets.

    9) Why is it that one have a video editor functionality, and when one record with the i900 the phone do not allow one to edit the video taken with the i900, again this is bizarre.

    All in all the i900 Omnia is a great piece of technologies, Samsung will do well with this unit, just need to sort out a few issue on hand.

  • Anton Hart

    Hi , I want to know if my omnia from south africa will work with the singapore firmware update ??


    No your omnia wont work in sa with the singapore upgrade… it would mess around with your service provider settings.

  • davidbay93

    Excuse me can anyobe tell me where they download their “hanyu pinyin” for samsung omnia?
    Thx very much

  • Tyson

    I have recorded a few video footage files using the camera. But, I wanted to send a few via MMS, so I wanted to clip the footage using the video editor software in the Omnia. I successfully clipped it and saved it as a new file, but when I play it there is NO SOUND. I have tried about 10 times with no success. Very disappointed. It has a feature to add sound clips and text, but what’s the use if the sound doesn’t work?

  • dave

    how do i change the phone from chinese to english, can anyone help me.

  • adam

    It would be better if programs closed when you exited them rather than keep going to task manager. also would be better if gprs connection autodisconnected on idle. phone book menu could be alot better.

  • ram

    hi ihave aprob with my samsung omnia since i bought it , its 16 g and ihave few music and photo on it . and i can see free space but every sec i have alert msg my storge memo is full and icant transfeer from memo storge to memo card so if any body can give me help thanx

  • Carlos De Bernard

    Hello to all. I just recive mine 16gig white. The guy that bring that told me that was brake to use any carrier. What is the current one and old, and new update ver.

  • Joerns

    Comment to Ram
    Hi Ram,
    I don’t know if my comment will help you with you case but I had the same problem (which occurred already a few days after I had purchased the Omnia.). Unfortunately I have not yet found a copy/paste function in the file explorer. To solve the problem in my case, I first copied the files (in my case just a few pictures that I had downloaded from the internet to the Omnia to improve the Today screen) to my computer using the ActiveSync software (comes with the Omnia package). Then I removed the SD-card from the Omnia, put it in a SD-card reader, connected the latter via USB to my computer and copied the picture files from my computer to the SD memory card) which was then re-inserted into the Omnia again. Seems like a very weird way to do things, however, I didn’t have storage problems since then.


    Omnia works a lot better after you smash it against the wall. Screen cracked but it is a lot faster. Quite frankly will not look at another Omnia its the most frustrating piece of rubbish I have ever owned. Last month spent 12 hours on phone to Samsung Durban trying to sort it out. As I said after smashing against the wall better performace. You cannot copy or past with explorer, try the opera browser, works much better.

  • Greg

    you are screwed, if u have the Omnia-910 these firmware will not work in USA

  • Jon321

    where do i get to update my omnia? 😀

  • Davina

    Hi,can anyone tell me if they know of “fake” Samsung Omina i900’s possibly
    being sold? I thought I was getting the best bargin when I bought myne for $225 (Aus dollars) yet it doesn’t seem to have the internet features or the led light flash on the cam & certain other little things that you wouldn’t notice first of.
    Also,it came in a different type of box that said “Alcatell” instead of “Samsung” on the outside of the box it came in. I think it came from China. It was also missing other things like a cable etc.
    Everytime I try to log in to the net it wont let me & after seeing the adds for it I’m starting to think i got a “Fake” version.
    Does anyone know anything about this? Am I just not appreciating the phone for what it really is or am I missing some features?
    If so can I download software to enable the net/emails etc?
    If anyone can answer any of my questions,that would be so greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Davina… :0)

  • Domenic

    Hello all happy OMNIA I900 owners
    Is there some intelligent (samsung staff need not apply) software specialist out there that can write an Artificial
    Intelligence package for my phone so that I can inflict pain and suffering on its A.I. soul, it would give me great pleasure
    in watching it twitch in agony in response to my anger whenever
    it behaves in an irritating and bellicose manner.
    Regards Domenic

  • Stephen

    I have an SGH I-900. Does anyone know how to print text messages from the MITS wizard software that comes with it?

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