MetroPCS announces 4G LTE plans

MetroPCS announces 4G LTE plansCDMA carriers are definitely wising up to their network standard’s doomed fate. While the likes of Verizon, Alltel, and MetroPCS will have their customers believing that their CDMA-based network is superior to the GSM standard that is used in ubiquity throughout the world, it’s an inevitable fact that CDMA’s days are numbered.

As such, MetroPCS has followed Verizon‘s move in adopting the GSM-based LTE network technology for their 4G network.

LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology will allow wireless carriers to use their wireless spectrum more efficiently, reduce power draw on handsets, and, most importantly, deliver wireless data speeds that will trump current wireless broadband solutions.

So, with MetroPCS jumping on the GSM LTE bandwagon, what are CDMA’s long-term chances? Slim.

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  • Kevin

    Yet another myth repeated way too often. LTE isn’t related to GSM in any way, except for the committees behind it.

    LTE isn’t native to either GSM or CDMA networks. It’s a totally different protocol, both for the air and backend interfaces. WiMax is actually closer to LTE.

    And in case you didn’t know it, GSM already had to go with CDMA for 3G.

    How about getting some engineers to write these articles?

  • Will Park

    LTE is an evolution of UMTS and in that regard is closer to GSM than CDMA.

    Actually, it’s W-CDMA that you are referring to. Nevertheless, CDMA is doomed.

  • Kevin

    LTE is closer to GSM in name only. And now it’s also a CDMA evolution. Both GSM and CDMA must change dramatically to use it.

    LTE uses a totally different air interface than GSM or CDMA… and a totally different backend protocol.

    Therefore, just as with non-3G areas, LTE phones will be able to fall back to their carrier’s original protocols, whether GSM or CDMA. So both types will be around for a fairly long time.


    LTE?? BOTH Of you Are right & Wrong.. Yes its Related to GSM 1st of ALL but NO lol CDMA is not “DOOMED”? PLEASE!! Let Me Break it Down 4 EveryOne.

    1)THe UNITED STATES have the “BIG 4” ALMost The BIG 5 With MEtro Pcs After it Transfers To 4G.

    2) BIG 4 AT&T & T-Mobile are GSM

    3) Verizon / Metro Pcs / Sprint:Nextel Out rule GSM Here in THe U.S

    Is ANYONE inventing / Creating a HYBRID of BOTH GSM & CDMA SO EveryOne CAn Merge in There Own Markets or Atleast Use Phones From Other Companies.

    P.S That will Be Great.. A HYBRID of Both GSM / CDMA..

    LTE is headin toward That direction i hope?

    ANy Comment Please ASk..

    Go Unlimited Metro PCs With THere TouCh Screen / BlackBerry!!

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