iPhone 3G radio antenna is just fine – look elsewhere

This isn’t going to be any consolation for those iPhone 3G owners out there going through the trials and tribulations associated with unreliable iPhone 3G performance. From sluggish 3G data connectivity to signal strength issues, the iPhone 3G has been plagued with problems. Apple even released their iPhone 2.0.2 OS to help solve some of the problems, but has been widely reported as ineffective. So, if the iPhone 3G isn’t causing the problems, what is?

iPhone 3G antenna testWith the web abuzz with reports that the iPhone 3G has faulty code that is causing the 3G radios to freak out and drop calls and deliver slow data speeds. There’s other speculation that the iPhone 3G’s antenna is to blame. A woman has even filed a lawsuit against Apple for their less-than-stellar performing iPhone 3G.

But, all those rumors may be more off-base than we had previously thought. A Swedish company has decided to test the iPhone 3G’s antenna to conclusively confirm or rule-out any hardware defects.

Bluetest, operating out of the Lindholmen Science Park in Sweden, sells test chambers that allow manufacturers to test small antennas in a noise-free lab. They’ve put one of their test chambers to good use in testing how the iPhone 3G’s antenna performs in a variety of conditions. The results? The iPhone 3G’s antenna measurements are completely normal. The iPhone 3G antenna performed on par with the Nokia N73 and Sony Ericsson P1.

What’s all this mean for the iPhone 3G? Well, we can rule out any hardware defects as the root of iPhone 3G network connectivity issues.

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  • Freddy

    But dont they have say is the 3G chip not the antenna?

    Disappointing call performance in the 3G version of the iPhone
    could be down to the Infineon chip used in its manufacturer academics have claimed.
    Poor signal sensitivity is the cause of problems with the iPhone’s 3G connection,
    according to research by the Claes Beckman,
    professor of microwave technology at the University of Gälve.
    Measurements show that the iPhone’s sensitivity
    to the 3G network signal is well below the value specified in the 3G standard, specified by ETSI.

    As users have complained of dropped calls, poor internet service and low battery life,
    industry experts claim that substandard parts could be to blame.
    Richard Windsor, an analyst with Nomura,
    believes the problem involves a 3G communications chip made by the German company Infineon.

  • kachra

    I think its AT&T 🙂

  • tim

    well did they test just one iphone or mutiple?..would make sense to test more than one..

  • Richard

    How has the release of the iPhone 3G affected useage on the 3G networks. 3 million new 3G phones in a month compared to 1 million normally (thats a guess) is any network capable of handling that increase in 3G users?? Might it be just a case of like we get at New Year where all the networks go down because of the volume of people using it. Are all the faulty 3G iPhones in one zip/postcode? if so then its network not hardware.

  • John W

    In addition to my iPhone, I also have an AT&T 3G wirless usb “card” for my laptop. This morning, I compared the speed of the two. While the iPhone refused to finish opening pages like testmyiphone and CNN.com, the laptop reported a download speed of 1.1Mps. So, either there is something wrong with the iPhone, or AT&T is recognizing the iPhone when it connects and providing inferior service.

  • Brian

    Well is not only AT&T because this is a huge problem in Europe and have nothing to do with 1-3 million users
    of iPhone . There 100 of millions of 3G users and no problem with 3G with Nokia or some one else, only for iphone users .

    The only conclusion all can make is that Apple have
    huge problem with their 3G iphone !

    Because now Apple have admit they have big problems
    thats why they try to fix it with firmwire .

  • Zak

    My theory is that if ATT is to blame for their network, then why isn’t it effecting all the 3g devices. As a user stated above I used 3g aircards and Moto Q on the 3g and didn’t see a drop in connectivity or slow speed. Shouldn’t the network effect all the devices in the same way rather than pick a certain device to give poor service too?

  • Eric

    If you jailbreak your iPhone and install BossPrefs, you will have quick access to turn on/off 3G with a toggle. After toggling 3G off, my phone goes to Edge (slower connection), but I have 5 bars whereas I had 1 before with 3G on. As the Swedes found in their experiments, the attenna is not the culprit. Either it is the 3G chip or the firmware.

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