Sprint’s HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch Pro launch details leaked

It looks like Sprint’s move to bring the HTC Touch Diamond and its sliding keyboard sibling, the HTC Touch Pro, to its CDMA network will finally bear some fruit this month. We’re hearing that Sprint and Bluefish are now taking down names and emails of interested customers that want to be notified when the HTC Touch Diamond goes live. Unfortunately, the link is defunct at the moment, so we can’t confirm the pre-order offering.

And, to further cement Sprint’s intention to launch the HTC Touch Diamond, the carrier’s HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro roadmap has been leaked. The leaked docs confirm that the HTC Touch diamond will hit Sprint in mid-September with the HTC Touch Pro confirmed for October 19th.

Sprint’s HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro details

The HTC Touch Diamond comes in at a $549.99 price-point free and clear of any contract obligations, or $249.99 on two-year contract. The HTC Touch Pro will command a $579.99 price-tag without contract, or $329 with a two-year obligation to Sprint’s network. The price-points are fairly in line with what we expected from the VGA touchscreen duo, and with the option to go contract-free with your new HTC Touch Diamond/Pro, we’re going to have a hard time saving our green for the HTC Dream G1.

Of course, as with all rumors, take all this at face value. For all we know, Sprint could move back their launch dates and/or change their pricing structure for the HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro. But, as it stands now, we can’t wait for the No. 3 US wireless carrier to go live with the latest and greatest TouchFLO handsets from HTC.

[Via: WMPoweruser]

  • oceansis

    iphone and htc, I think the supporting software is the key, iphone software more and more!

  • Mackerman

    I’m really excited about the new HTC phones. I have the current HTC Touch from Sprint and it’s a great little device, much more versitile then the iPhone with a much better virtual keyboard. Also Opera 9.5 works just as well as Safari with one touch instead of the cumbersome multi-touch.

  • mca5516

    ONE OF THE NICE THINGS about a screen 4 inches or wider is reading your e-mail and understand what’s going on.
    On my Q9, I accept e-mail as text, complete, with no on immediate download of attachments. This works on the Moto Q9c, for me.
    But now after 9 mos. of windows mobile CE, and a nice free upgrade mid term to WM 6.1(adds cut & paste, and improves volume wheel gradations (smoothness), start-up time, and many neat things on my Q9c)
    Its time to get an E-mail Readable Screen 4 inches or bigger. and thats that!
    Other important touches are a stand to hold it horizontal to watch vTap & myWaves, so it doesnt keep slipping and knocking the beer can off the table.
    and a macro lens to take pictures or videos of other cell phone screens, It saves a lot of time showin em what you saw. (the Sanyo mm565 has a wonderful close up slider next to the lens and a 20x zoom, its a collector,s cell phone)
    So read and gather whats crucial in your next cell / pda phone.

    And include better sound with less distortion from those little PDA speakers,

    My Blackerry 8130 had great sound, from Its little size, and clear at high volume. Too bad I lost possession of it during Hurricane Dolly (7.23.08). mca5516 9’16’08

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