HTC Touch Diamond theme for the iPhone

HTC Touch Diamond theme for the iPhone

I’m not sure many iPhone users will like the idea, but now they can make their shiny handset feel like the HTC Touch Diamond. Even if you’re a hard core Apple fanboy, you gotta admit — HTC Touch Diamond looks good. The TouchFLO 3D rocks and is certainly one of the best (if not the best) UI for Windows Mobile. And now you can at least try to see how it would work on the iPhone.

A jailbroken device is required and afterwards you just need to search for iPhoneFLO in and take it from there. If you have something constructive to say about the theme, please use the comments bellow. Otherwise, please don’t use us for flame wars. Thanks. 🙂

[Via: MobilityToday]

  • dusanb

    It’s for the jailbroken iPhones. You should be able to find the theme through

  • mush

    my iphone is jailbroken on version 2.1 and i cant find this theme in cydia or installer

  • dustin

    It indeed is for jailbroken iphone’s/ipod’s but you wont find it in cydia or intaller!
    its in customize.

  • nasser

    where is the download link??

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