Longcheer Holding does Mobile TV…in a slightly different way

Longcheer Holding does Mobile TV...in a slightly different wayRemember I mentioned about Mobile TV at IBC 2008 the other day? Well read on, and expect to see a lot more of these types of announcements over the next 2 weeks or so…..

Longcheer Holdings (a Chinese Mobile handset design house) has apparently selected Newport Nedia to provide middleware for multiple Mobile TV variant handsets that it is looking to release on to the market:

  • TV350 – GSM/GPRS handset that supports the widely deployed DVB-T digital television standard using Newport Media’s NMI305 DVB-T SOC
  • DT100 – GSM/GPRS handset that supports DVB-H as well as DVB-T using the NMI310 DVB-T/H IC
  • IT100 – GSM/GPRS handset that supports the Brazilian ISDB-T mobile digital television standard using the NMI320 ISDB-T IC

The TV350, DT100 and IT100 were developed in order to provide a compelling TV centric user experience at price points significantly below competing 3G based products. All three handsets will be demonstrated at Newport Media’s booth (M483), inside the Mobile Zone at IBC 2008, Sept. 12-16, in Amsterdam.

So this is slicing the Mobile TV “bread” up in a different way – this time removing the 3G radio, and covering a number of the popular variants of Mobile TV broadcast – the only one I could see obviously missing is the CMMB (Chinese) standard…..

[Via: 3G.co.uk]

  • Marshall

    The Mobile Tv Phone is the next BIG thing in the wireless space — the future is bright.

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