Newber – iPhone application seamlessly transfers calls between phones

Say you’re on a business call and you’re about to lose reception. What do you do? Tell that important client to keep that thought on hold as you scramble to find a usable cellular signal? Of course you do, what other option do you have?

Well, if you’re an iPhone or iPhone 3G user, then you’d simply select a phone number that you know has cellular reception. Selecting, say, your office phone will seamlessly transfer your call to the appropriate phone. That is, if you have Newber installed on your iPhone.

Newber is a new iPhone application that allows you to hand-off your current phone conversation to any other phone without missing a beat. Newber sets you up with a “new number” (get it?) that serves as your multi-function business line. Calls made to your “newber” can be setup to ring through to your mobile phone, office phone, or home phone. And, with GPS location data integrated in to the application, Newber can automatically choose which phone will take the call based on your current location. If you’re nowhere near your office, Newber will route calls to your cellphone. If you’re near your office, Newber will send calls to your office phone (with your permission, of course).

Think of Newber as GrandCentral on steroids – the kind of steroids that enable GPS integration and seamless call transfers.

Newber is available as a free download from the AppStore. Monthly service costs $5, and each minute will run you $0.02. Not bad for the peace of mind that seamless call transfers can provide.

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