Verizon Motorola Q9c gets Windows Mobile 6.1 update

Motorola Q9c for Verizon

Motorola Q9c for Verizon

Verizon customers still waiting on the Windows Mobile 6.1 update for their Motorola Q9c can finally get their aging smartphone up to speed with the rest fo the Windows Mobile 6.1-using world. Motorola has released the Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM for the Motorola Q9c on their software update support portal!

The WM6.1 ROM update brings with it a refreshed homescreen UI, copy/paste functionality, and threaded SMS text messages to help give your Motorola Q9c a bit of a facelift – or the software equivalent of a botox treatment. Find the WM6.1 ROM here. Just remember to back up all your data before jumping on the good ship WinMo6.1.

Motorola Q9c Windows Mobile 6.1 update

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