Indian government succeeds in decrypting BlackBerry

You might remember that lengthy spat carriers were enjoying with the Indian government a few months back regarding e-mail security. The long and short of it was that RIM’s e-mail system was too secure, and because the government couldn’t crack into transmissions, it posed a potential threat. Carriers faced a BlackBerry lock-down, which in turn dragged both RIM and the Canadian government into the whole affair. Options were discussed, such as outsourcing the decryption process to third parties, or building RIM servers in India, but no solid resolution was reached. Eventually, the government allowed limited BlackBerry use while the situation was investigated further.

Well, it sounds like after a lot of work, the government has completed decompression testing across all local carriers, including Vodafone-Essar, Bharti Airtel, Reliance and BPL, so now hopefully business can return to usual. Enterprise services weren’t touched, which works out alright since BES services are already pretty nicely locked-down.

Thanks Josep!

[via Economic Times]

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