Android’s browser in action

Informally dubbed “Chrome Lite” by Google, T-Mobile’s G1 has a fine-looking browser, offering something easily as smooth as the iPhone, and maybe even a little more functional. The video runs through basic navigation, zooming, picture saving, and attaching said images to contacts.

  • James Falconer

    Copy and Paste! I hope Apple is watching…

  • Simon Sage

    Heh. Eat it, iPhone.

  • Will Park

    Awww, be nice 🙂
    Hopefully, Apple will see this and finally get their act together.

  • Zak


  • Zak

    If you guys wanna compare this to the iphone, I look at it like this.

    The iphone and the G1 are both like women in a way.

    When you’re at a club, you wouldn’t waste your money on the intelligent, “chunky” [G1] girl. You’d get the sleeker sexier one [iphone] even though she’s a bimbo.. 🙂

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