BlackBerry Bold launches in Serbia and Spain

More BlackBerry 9000s are hitting the streets this week, now in Spain via Telefonica and Serbia through Vip and Vodafone. No word on pricing in Spain, but based on other European releases, you can count on spending upwards of 130€ for all the Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G and, above all, e-mailing goodness you can handle.

Vip is also taking the occasion to launch the GPS BlackBerry Pearl, the 8110, which is a nice, lightweight counteroffer to the Bold, and it fills their skimpy lineup rather nicely. Serbians can pick up the BlackBerry 9000 for as cheap as 19.999 RSd and the BlackBerry 8110 for 9.999 RSd. Gonna grab one, Dusan?

(cue high fives all around for getting the Bold before America)

[via RIM]

  • dusanb

    Actually no! :)

    I’m looking at the Nokia E71 or maybe HTC Touch Pro, thought that one’s bit more expensive.

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