Treo Pros Ready to Ship… Or Are They?

TreoCentral has been getting reports that the Palm Treo Pro is shipping. If you go ahead and check Palm’s store page, you’ll see that they do indeed have them ‘in stock’ with shipping in 1-2 business days. Cool!

However, before anyone gets too excited, latest reports from over at WMExperts say that even Palm isn’t sure that the device is ready to ship. Certain pages on their site still say ‘pre-order’, and they even got someone on the phone, and the representative wasn’t sure either!

C’mon Palm… get your act together here.

[Via: WMExperts and TreoCentral]

  • Max

    Kinda need an update to this, doncha think? Palm starting charging credit cards on 9/25/08 and shipping on 9/26/08.

  • Raidium

    No update neccesary. The post was created on Sept. 24th. New post maybe but no update needed. 😀

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