Art Lebedev’s WiMAX concept phone for Scartel Russia is cool

Art Lebedev designed this sleek WiMAX handset for Scartel Russia

Art Lebedev designed this sleek WiMAX handset for Scartel Russia

It’s not often we see a concept phone that actually has a chance at making the crossover from vaporware to hardware. But, that’s just what you see pictured here. The artists at Art Lebedev dreamed up this WiMAX handset concept phone for use, presumably, on Scartel’s Russian WiMAX networks in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

None of the details are set in stone, but if Art Lebedev’s concept squeaks past the big-heads with its conceptual feature-set intact, Russia’s Scartel will be blessed with a WiMAX handset sporting WiMAX connectivity, WiFi, both a front and rear-facing camera, and a class-topping 850×480 display. Unfortunately, the Art Lebedev-designed WiMAX handset, which had better take on a more tongue-friendly model name soon, sports a tri-band GSM radio that’s likely going to keep it from seeing mainstream duty in the US. But, if this little beauty manages to include the 850Mhz band as part of its spectrum support, we’d love to put hands on its ginormous touchscreen.

[Via: Pocket-lint]

  • blake

    looks like the lg touch concept.

  • phone man

    will this phone come to the US and if it does….. when and how much????

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