AT&T BlackBerry Bold training delayed for partytime

AT&T with a party hat

It looks like AT&T was initially planning to launch the BlackBerry Bold before November, but, as evidenced by launch parties running all the way to the end of the month, they’ve obviously pushed things back a bit. An internal letter advising employees about rescheduling training said “at this time we don’t have clarity on the status of all features”. The reason for AT&T’s long delay in launching the BlackBerry 9000 has been a point of discussion since the summer, with theories including bandwidth limitation caused by the iPhone. This bit about features being uncertain could mean AT&T’s recent A-GPS rollout is facing some difficulties working with the BlackBerry Bold. We’re still crossing our fingers for a November launch, but even AT&T remains uncertain about final details.

[via BGR]

As you are aware, with the anticipated launch of the 3G AT&T BlackBerry Bold, RIM has committed to hold training sessions in over 40 cities. A large number of these sessions were to take place this and next week. Due to the continued uncertainty of the device launch date, we will work with RIM to reschedule these sessions to a later date.
Any representatives that have registered will be informed by email of the schedule change. No action is required from your part.

Rescheduling the training to align with a final technical acceptance for BlackBerry Bold launch will ensure that:
a) the training material can cover all the feature functionality that will be on this device at launch (at this time we don’t have clarity on the status of all features).
b) handouts can be given to Dealers to reinforce the material covered
c) we will be able to provide attendees with a general availability date
c) the delivery of the material will be within one – two weeks of launch to ensure content retention and ability to practice what they learn in the field
d) the desired 30 person per session registration/attendance is achieved (training in the last week of a sales month at the end of a sales quarter should be avoided if possible)
Please let me know if any questions.
Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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