BlackBerry Storm ads emerge (video)

You might remember that video from the Vodafone BlackBerry Storm launch party (before it got taken down) – well, here’s the original presentation, which doesn’t do much outside of getting folks hyped up for RIM’s first touchscreen device. While that might not be entirely for the public eye, Verizon has kicked off their public teaser campaign for the BlackBerry Storm, with an ad during CBS sitcoms the other night. Apparently there are some viral videos in the works showing peoples’ first impressions of the BlackBerry Storm from Verizon, too. Both Verizon and Vodafone both have notification pages set up, so they’ve at least given the BlackBerry 9500 and 9530 a nod, but proper videos just go to show that the Storm is ready to roll. Keep an eye out for this one in early November.

[via StormReviews, Engadget Mobile, BGR]

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