iPhone Ringtones: Create FREE iPhone ringtones using iTunes 8

Remember those good, old days when creating an iPhone ringtone was as easy as renaming a song in your iTunes library to a “.m4r” extension and then syncing it back with your iPhone? No? Well, trust us when we say that iPhone ringtones were never easier (or free-er) to create.

That is, until iTunes 8. With the release of iTunes 8 – which brought with it Genius Playlists – creating iPhone ringtones has once again become a painless process. iTunes 8 allows the user to customize a particular song’s start- and end-time, paving the way for an iPhone ringtone creation “hack” that requires nothing more than iTunes itself.

Keep in mind that iTunes will allow you to create a ringtone from a song downloaded through the iTunes Music Store, but those ringtones come with fees… and no one likes fees. Follow this guide to create free iPhone ringtones for free using nothing more than iTunes.

To create simple, free iPhone ringtones from your iTunes library, follow these steps:

  • Note: This process works with MP3, ACC, and AIFF files.
  • Note: Only DRM-free songs can be used with this ringtone creation process.
    • Any song downloaded from iTunes Music Store will have DRM (Digital Rights Management), so don’t use those songs.
    • Any song ripped from a CD or downloaded from DRM-free sources (P2P, Amazon, your friend) will work just fine.
  1. Fire up iTunes 8
  2. Find the song you’d like to turn in to a ringtone

    Select the song you want to use as your iPhone ringtone

    Select the song you want to use as your iPhone ringtone

  3. Right click on the song
    • Select “Get Info”
  4. Hit the “Options” tab
  5. Check both the “Start Time” and “End Time” boxes

    Customize the start and end times for your ringtone clip

    Customize the start and end times for your ringtone clip

  6. Specify what time interval you’d like to use as your ringtone clip (Make sure your ringtone is 30 seconds or less!!)
  7. Click “OK”
    • Make sure the song you want is still highlighted
  8. Click on “Advanced” in your menu bar
  9. Select “Create AAC Version” or “Create Apple Lossless Version” (Make sure your iTunes “Import Settings” are set to “AAC” or “Apple Lossless” and not “MP3”)

    You want to create a duplicate song file with the customized playing time

    You want to create a duplicate song file with the customized playing time

  10. A duplicate copy of your song will appear in iTunes – this new song will have the same filename but shorter “Time”
    • Go back to the original song and uncheck those “Start Time” and “End Time” boxes

      See the duplicate song underneath the original song?

      See the duplicate song underneath the original song?

  11. Drag the duplicate song to your Desktop

    Duplicate song file on Desktop

    Duplicate song file on Desktop

  12. Once the duplicate song is copied to your Desktop, delete the duplicate file in iTunes

    Select the song you want to use as your iPhone ringtone

    Notice that the duplicate song file is gone - deleted

  13. On your Desktop, rename the file with the “.m4r” file extension – Use the new extension
    • This turns your song file into an iPhone ringtone file
      Use the new filename extension

      Use the new filename extension

      The .m4r file is now a ringtone file

      The .m4r file is now a ringtone file

  14. Your “songname.m4a” file should now be named “songname.m4r”
  15. Drag the newly renamed .m4r (songname.m4r) file back into iTunes
  16. Drag the file over the “Library” column and release when “Library” becomes highlighted
    • You have to delete the duplicate song file (Step 12) otherwise iTunes won’t import your new .m4r file
  17. You should see your new ringtone under “Ringtones” in iTunes
  18. Sync your iPhone to get jiggy with your new iPhone ringtones!

Enjoy your free iPhone ringtone library!

  • Susan

    > To create simple, free iPhone ringtones
    > from your iTunes library, follow

    18 long steps? (and you missed quite a few)

    That’s “simple” in your mind????

    • Susanizakunt

      Susan if you can’t understand this E-A-S-Y tutorial, then go back to the kitchen and S-T-F-U.

  • blake

    I’m very glad someone got to it before me. that’s a whole bunch of stuff to do. i know the g1 will have an app to create a ringtone right on the phone, but enough about that. just download wavpad. its alot easier, probably alot more options. but I’m sure if you don’t want to download a simple program, which i understand if you don’t, but have fun taking 10 minutes to create a 30 second ringtone!

    • Russ

      10 Minutes? Jesus Christ how impaired are you?

  • lily

    Thanks for this tutorial !!

  • Rafi

    At least thank the guy for giving us a way to make ringtones and stop yapping; and btw Blake it’s not like a real 3 min song is made in 3 mins, it takes days so making a 30 sec ringtone in 10 mins is actually pretty good.

    • Maris

      i went threw all the steps but step #13 doesn't work. my songs aren't m4a i don't think so anyway i can't tell. I really need help! this won't work for me!

  • Katie

    Hi, I have a litttle problem, I did all the steps, but when I sync it, my IPHONE don´t read de Tones… and it loooks like I don´t have any.


  • Jim

    I did this but… the only ringtone that shows up is the last one I just put in my phone

  • Will Park

    The principle upon which this tutorial is based is simple. I apologize if the number of steps has you thinking otherwise.

    I wanted to expand the tutorial to ensure that everyone could follow the directions without making assumptions. Had I condensed the tutorial to…
    1) Edit playing time
    2) Make Apple AAC version – drag duplicate to desktop
    3) Rename new file with .m4r extension
    4) Drag back to iTunes

    …. I’m sure there would be some users left confused as to what steps are required to A) Make an AAC version, B) Delete the iTunes duplicate, C) Edit playing time, etc. etc.

    For those having problems – are you running jailbroken iPhones?

    • Jimbo

      Eff 'em Will, good job mate. Appreciate your work.

  • Steve

    This didn’t work for me, yes I’m using a jailbroken phone 2.1 and iTunes 8. After completing the steps it never shows up in my ringtones section.

  • Steve

    Nevermind, it worked! First the section of the song has to be 30 seconds or less.

    At first it would not show up in the iTunes ringtones section. It turns out you can’t just edit the file name and affix .m4r at the end. For Windows XP users you should to put it in a folder go to TOOLS, choose FOLDER OPTIONS, EXIBITION MODE, then you can see the file extension and change it.

    Thanks! I would rather create my ringtones this way instead of using d/l and using a program.

    • Refael

      Thank you Steve!! That’s what i was missing all this time!!

    • KP

      Thanks a lot!!! It’s work!! I LOVE YOU ^.^

    • Craig

      4 Mac users: do a search for a file named automatically add to itunes. drag and drop the new file from ur desktop.

  • Victoria

    Well, when I try to convert to an ACC file at the advanced tab it only gives the option to convert to an mp3 file so I can’t follow through on the steps. Now someone did update my Itunes from 8.0 to 8.1 so does that make the difference?

  • Matt

    I agree that this is still really simple, but blake is right, wavepad is free and offers more options (particularly fading). I was having the problem with the ringtones not showing up too, but it seems like it was because they were too long. I don’t know exactly what the cut off is, but I have one that is 34 seconds and works, but one that is 45 seconds and does not work until I cut it down to 30 seconds.

  • Ed

    Having the same problem as Victoria. I don’t have the option for “Create ACC Version” OR “Create Apple Lossless Version” in my iTunes 8.0.1. All I see in the Advanced tab is “Create MP3 Version”. All my songs are from my cd’s. What’s going on???
    Please help!!!!

    • Jim

      set iTunes-Preferences-Import Settings to AAC, at least for the duration of this operation

  • Dodgy

    If they are from your cd’s they and you ripped them using itunes they are probably ACC files already so no need for the first 10 steps. I got 8.0.1 and it works perfectly.Thanks very very much. Now if only they was a copy and paste hack!

  • Jake

    If it says create mp3 you just need to adjust the import options.

    In iTunes 8:
    Go to iTunes -> Prefrences
    Select the General Tab
    Click Import Settings
    Change “Import Using” to AAC Encoder

    In iTunes 7 I think it was under the advanced tab, but I don’t remember for sure.

  • Tammy

    Dear Will,
    Thank you very much for sharing this. I use XP and once I created a folder and saved it there rather than on the desktop it worked.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Ted

    I’d seen similar posts, but I couldn’t get this to work. Yes it is a lot of steps, but at least this posting was complete. The key for me was knowing to delete the duplicate before re-importing the .m4r version.

    If I had to do several ringtones, I might want to streamline with an app (the first post was rude). However some of us just want one or two ringtones. This approach got me my “24” ringtone on my new iphone without having to buy a program, join a ringtone club, or otherwise risk my computer’s health.

    I thank you for spending the time to post this!!

  • TMG

    Hi All,
    Its showns in my ringtones.. but when i sync it it just stays in itunes not sync’ing to the phone.. any idea why??

  • TMG

    Got it working, but see you can only use a song for 39sec. which i suppose is fine cause then your voicemail kicks in afterwards. thx anyway!!

  • NK

    I can’t find any extension .m4a behind the name so can’t change it into .m4r . I followed the guide step to step but stuck right there. What’s the problem??

  • Will Park

    PC – Go to Folder Options and make sure you can view full filenames and/or file extensions.

    Mac – Go to Finder>Preferences>Advanced and make sure you check the view all extensions.

  • TMG

    Windows- my documents, on top left under tools- folder options

  • Yasmin

    Hii! i did all the steps but when i rename it, it didnt work

  • LETO

    THANKS for sharing the solution to adding my mp3 files to iphone ringtones!!!!! It is not that hard….as Blake suggests.

  • AD

    This is excellent . Great work

  • mahogany_duvet

    works well .. just keep them no longer than 39 secs each.. really easy to do takes about 5 secs to do each track when you get the hang off it.. cheers

  • Jon

    This work! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  • Ralph

    Anybody have any luck doing this in Vista?

    • Byron

      yeah i got it all to work in vista.
      to get the file extention, you have to:
      open control panel, ‘folder options’, then the ‘view’ tab, and find ‘hide known file extentions’ and UNselect it.
      now, when you drag the 30sec file on to your desktop you can change it there, but remember, itunes still need to source it from somewhere.

  • David

    i have windows vista. how do you rename the file to .m4r using windows vista? i am lost. please tell me!

  • SyNG

    for editing the song i just use windows movie maker, its basic and simple, i cant pass the step where it converts ot aac because its blacked out, im using itunes 8, iphone software 2.1 BUT its jailbroken so does it make any difference??

  • Todd Todd

    I am having a problem getting it to go from m4a to m4r. I keep renaming the extension and it wont work… what do i do?

  • mrunal

    Great, I really like this trick its easy and very proffesional trick

    Thanks buddy

  • Melissa

    Todd Todd, you have to go into Windows Explorer, then tools, foler options, and view. Then uncheck “hide extenisons for known file types”. Then when type .m4r at the end of your file (which you will have to do after you unchecked this option) it will change it to an m4r file! If you are using Vista and don’t see the tools options at the top of the screen all you have to do is click tab. I did this with Vista so I’m not sure if it it the same for other Windows.

    Hope this helps! I just had the same problem lol

  • Melissa

    oops, I meant to say all you have to do is click alt! not tab! sorry

  • Vicky

    Ok I did all the steps and changed the file to m4r and saved it onto my desktop when I double click it or try to drag it, it doesn’t go into itunes. Can anyone help me please!

  • b

    thanks – had just about given up on creating ringtones – this worked for me 🙂 [now to get used to typing on the iphone keyboard, just got it today!]

  • Jason


    Not sure the exact time, but it has to be shorter than a certain number of seconds.

    In an old post I read 40 seconds and when I shorted the song it was syncable to the iPhone, but when it was like 3 minutes it was NOT.

  • Breno

    great work! you are the man!

  • David James

    Great stuff – worked like a dream!!

  • rachel

    Hey, thanks so much! this is absolutely great and blake is a complete moron, especially since it takes him 10 minutes. i appreciate how much time you obviously put into doing this, and you made it ridiculously easy.

  • Will Park

    Cheers! 🙂

  • Nate

    Thanks Will! I’m not sure what the 10 minutes guy’s problem was, it took me about 30 seconds to create a ringtone. Much appreciated!


  • Anitra

    Thanks so much for this, Will and also Melissa for clearing things up for us vista users. Thanks to y’all, now I can have my favorite CAKE song as my ringtone for free!!

  • bob

    how do u make the ringtone more than 30 seconds because it wont let me make a ringtone more than 30 seconds

  • mrs jones

    Awesome! It works great…and its FREE!

  • Diane

    Beautiful! Thank you so much for the info!

  • .

    This doesn’t work.
    Step 9 isn’t an option…
    Select “Create AAC Version” or “Create Apple Lossless Version”

  • .

    Step 9 does work, but you have to make sure your import settings are set to “aac version” not “mp3 version”

  • Will Park

    Excellent contribution! Thanks for pointing that out!

    Guide updated to clarify Step 9.

    • KevinC

      Thanks for this, it really is explained very clearly and simply.

      Is there a reason why the iphone will only show one of the new tones within the ringtones selection area? Its a little frustrating. Cheers

  • Shady Nafie

    Thank you so much for this trick. It is quick, not that long as it seems, actually it is a one minute job! and the result is so fine.

  • chris

    I have gotten to the point where I can convert the file to the ringtone (mr4), however iTunes won’t allow it to actually go into the ringtones folder.

  • mandee

    I’ve followed every step over and over again.
    i can get so far as it going into the itunes ringtone section and then i sync my iphone and then nothing…nothing at all.
    this is really starting to annoy me

  • Marcus

    i was having same problems as most people here but then i figured it out, the easiest way i found to do it was drag the aac version into a folder, go into folder settings and check the box that said something about viewing file extentions then renaming it to .m4r. using windows xp

  • Shirley

    Hi, all

    I can’t select “Create AAC Version” or “Create Apple Lossless Version” as they cannot be selected in itune 8.0. However, I have checked that my iTunes “Import Settings” are set to “AAC” and not “MP3?. Also, I cannot drag the files (not know if it is mp3 or AAC) into desktop. Anyone can help?

  • Brian

    Hey, that’s pretty slick and easy. Thank YOU sir!

  • Terri

    Niiiiice. Thanks. One note, after you make the ring tone be sure to go back and remove the start and finish times from the original song, otherwise when you try to play that song it will only play the start and stop times you used for the ring tone.


  • Jing

    hi! tried this but i couldn’t seem to find how to choose the length of the track or which part i want to convert too aac. please help. Thanks!

  • Bob

    Help! The instructions are clear. I created my 23 second ringtone, named .m4r, placed on my desktop, deleted from iTunes, double click and iTunes is launched, and it is added to ringtones. So, what is the problem? When I connect my iPhone (G1, not jailbroken) and sync ringtones, it doesn’t show up – Alarm through Xylophone are there, but my custom ringtone is a no-show. When I go to the iPhone ringtones tab, it is there, sync ringtones is checked, selected is checked, and the single ringtone I have is checked, but the sync fails to make it appear on my iPhone. Suggestions?

  • Bob

    I just went to another help site like this and solved it. The instructions have been clear as a bell, but one step was missing that has been driving me crazy. That is, everything looked right, but the sync didn’t load a ringtone. The extra step – while you do the rename to change the extension (m4a to m4r), also rename the song (Beatles – Hello Goodbye to Hello Goodbye) or whatever. But keeping it the same name (for me) prevented a successful sync. I now have it. Hooray!

  • kevin

    I’ve seen this method on many sites and it seems this works for many people. I’ve only just bought my iPhone (bit late but hey…) and as soon as I connected to iTunes all the updates came up. Is there a new one which blocks this above method? – I ask because the ringtone file is present in the folder (iTunes, and ghosted out in the iPhone ringtones folder visible via iTunes), but the iPhone refuses to show the file in the settings>sound>ringtones list. Any ideas why not other than update blocking this?

  • Max

    I’ve performed all the steps and the songs are listed under ringtones on iTunes 8. However, after syncing, I still don’t see it in iphone under ringtones. Where else could the ringtones have gone?

  • Nick

    First, thank you for taking the time to explain these steps. A family member got this phone last year and it sat in a box and they decided to just let me have it (SCORE!).

    I’ve been succesful with every step except the last one. I can see the file in the ringtone section but when i try to sync the phone to iTunes it doesn’t show up on my phone. The ringtone itself is only 0:22 seconds. I currently have version 2.2 on my iPhone and iTunes 8.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Nick

    Okay, so Apple assumes that you don’t automatically want to sync your ringtones. Therefore, by default it’s turned off in iTunes. Make sure that you click on your iPhone in the menu on the left. Once you do that, you should see the window that gives you your basic stats (name of the phone, capacity, etc.) If you look towards the top of that, you’ll see a tab that says “Ringtones”. Click on it, and make sure to check the box “Sync ringtones”. It was not checked by default in my iTunes.

    • tramy

      hey thanks a lot, Nick, i was having trouble with the “one and only” custom ringtone till you came to my rescue!

  • Sarah

    Thank you – it works great and was so easy to follow with all steps covered. Ignore the ignorant 🙂

  • Mandy

    I also cannot select the convert options under advanced, they are grayed out. I have managed to change a song’s file to m4r using another program. When I try to drag and drop it into itunes, it shows the little blue “plus” sign but the song does not appear. I have windows vista itunes 8.1.

  • Mark

    It worked but now its on my phone and when someone calls it just vibrates, it doesnt ring

  • Shady Nafie

    After you manage to have the *.m4r file, just use the “iphone browser” to copy that file in the “ringtones folder”, and then you are done! no need to sync it anymore, It is easier!

  • cher

    Thanks, that was so easy to do, now I have some decent ringtones. I did have one tune that refused to go smaller than 50seconds. When I copied it, it was smaller, but then when I changed the name and dragged it back in, it was 50 seconds regardless of what size I had set it to. Confusing.

  • mads

    greaat i synced my iPhone with all my new ringtones and it deleted ALL my songs. grrrr

  • Martyn

    Just like to add a BIG thank you tried other options but without any joy then found yours… works like a dream,so quick and easy!

  • Leon

    I’m trying to convert my m4a to an m4r, and I followed the instructions (I have Windows XP), and I created a new folder and went under “Folder Options” and “Exhibition Mode” and it still.doesn’t.work…I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and it’s really frustrating.

  • JP

    AWESOME!!! Thanks!!!

  • George

    This is quite frustrating, have carried out all steps and it shows in itunes ring tones but not in the iphone ringtones sync box an any one help please I am using version

  • George

    oops meant version

  • Anthony

    Just follow the directions exactly. The first song i tried it with didn’t work out, but the instructions were from a different website. I just got my iphone two days ago, and i have the most up to date version of itunes. if you do exactly what it says, it will work.

  • Mike

    I am so close to getting this thing to work, I am using Windows Vista and Melissa mentioned going into Windows Explore and hitting tools but i never see an option that says folder options. can any body help me?

  • Mike

    never mind figured it out and i LOVE IT, thank you every body for making this blog

  • Steven

    ok so I have Windows Vista and I’m getting frustrated here. I got everything down up until the changing name from m4a to m4r. I am unable to see hidden file extension or whatever so i went to CONTROL PANEL then had to click CLASSIC VIEW to see the option FOLDER OPTIONS. From there I click the tab that says VIEW and in ADVANCED SETTINGS window i select dot that says SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS then deselect the box that says HIDE EXTENSIONS FOR KNOWN FILE TYPES. I then click apply then ok. When i hit ok box disappears….duh….but settings go back to default and i am still unable to rename the song file on my desktop. I’ve tried over and over again but no luck. You have any advice? I’m no computer guru and am at a loss here.

  • Sisi

    THIS is amazing!

  • Sharon

    I have created the ring tones. I have one problem . . . I am assigning ring tones to contacts, but they don’t always work. They work fine with some contacts, but not with others. Any advice?

  • Miao

    thanks alot ^^ the info is good enough.. some people are just too lazy to figure out little stuff by themselves.

  • Martin J

    Using Mac OS X 10.5 I had two probs: 1st was the 39sec. limit which I didn’t know about (maybe should specifiy in step 6?), second was that I had to empty the trash to remove all traces of my first attempt. My first version was a minute long, so didn’t work, but just moving it to trash wasn’t enough. Strange.
    Otherwise, great job! Thanks a lot!

  • Jax

    Great tutorial man. I always wanted to do this, but never understood how. You made it very easy. I just finished my first iphone ringtone and many more will come thanks to you. Take care

  • Will Park

    Cheers! 😀

  • gunluvS14

    I also have the same problem, my music came from my CD. I use Window Vista and iTune 8.0.
    When I highlighted my song after the “trimming”, I can’t select “Create AAC Version” or “Create Apple Lossless Version” as they cannot be selected, they are grayed out. I have also checked my iTunes “Import Settings” are set to “AAC” and not “MP3″. Also, I cannot drag any the files to desktop.

    did I miss something?

  • don leary

    Got everything working except it just keeps sending to my phone the same ringtone over and over. it even appears multiple times on my phone. Am i doing something wrong.

  • Shirley

    Thanks for you all. I can do it and it takes just few seconds. Enjoy you guys!

  • Shirley

    BTW, do anyone know how to change the ringtones for message because I cannot use m4r file for message sound. Thanks!!

  • Simon

    Followed instructions – it took a matter of seconds to create custom made ringtones!

    Thanks for the help

  • Kat

    I am computer illiterate, and I made it work following your instructions. Thank you!

  • cat

    hi i have tried this and it works great thanx the only problem i have is that there is no sound coming from the iphone only vibrate can anyone help me please???

  • Bart

    using jailbroken 2.1 gen 2 iphone, following instructions, won’t sync to iphone. Says it does, but does not show up in list. Any ideas?

  • Pennypacker

    Doesn’t work with 8.0.2

  • Pennypacker


  • Clumzie

    OMG Thank you so much for this tutorial. I hate DL’ing songs from I tunes. I lost A lot of my old music that way when my old G4 powerbook hd crashed & I refuse to do that no matter what fixes they say are there now.

  • Ruferts

    Oh My God. thank you so much. This guide is the best in aiding begginers like me. It tells you exactly what to do and how to do it. This is the best. Thank you *scrolls up to see name* Will ParK!! THANK you so much. Ive tried several programs and none of them worked. They suck! But you rock. Thanks u really freed me from the annoying and boring ringtone-marimba.

  • Ruferts

    Penny packer. It does work with 8.0.2. Im using it right now and i made 5 ringtones from it. The thing is that the ringtones MUST , i repeat MUST BE 30seconds or less. It cannot go over 30 seconds or else i tunes wont consider it as a ringtone. Thats what i did. i made 1 with 47 seconds and 1 with 30seconds. guess what. the 30 seconds one worked

  • brian

    i followed all the step correctly on my mac. i have the file copied to my desktop in .m4r format and the icon even says ‘ring’on the file. i then double clicked it to add to itunes and the 29 second clip shows up in itunes, but it will not show up in the ringtones section. what am i doing wrong???? please help! thanks.

  • Mike


    if you still have’nt figured it out yet. I had the same problem you did with the folder options. If you leave the folder options window open (just hit apply) while you change extension of song it will work otherwise it will go back to original settings. All steps worked for me!!!!!

  • Pat


  • Idlehacker

    Hi Brian, same happened to me – just restart the phone and have another look – worked for me then….

  • Senna

    You absolute star followed the steps and it works 100% Many Thanks

  • Dawn

    Thanks I thought it ridiculous that after purchasing hundreds of dollars worth of music I would have to pay to create a ringtone…

  • Vinny

    Thanks for the tutorial. I followed the steps, and it is quite simple. Once you make a couple, this is very easy thing to do. Saved me a few bucks buddy. You da man!!!!

  • Bev

    Using a 2.1 jailbroken phone, it’s not sync-ing into my phone, what’s wrong?

  • Bella

    Thanks for this! I encountered some difficulty at first, but when I read the comment about tweaking some stuff when working with Vista, everything worked out perfectly! Cheers!

  • Lesley Angel

    For those that get it to show in itunes but not actually on your iphone, switch the phone off and back on again, worked for me

  • Andy

    Big thanks for posting this tutorial. Worked like a champ. WooHoo custom ringtones on the iPhone.

  • Rell

    when i try to chage the file extention to m4r it just changes the name to song.m4r the file remains m4a my computer doesn’t name my song song.m4a it just names it the song what do i do?

  • Will Park

    Make sure you are editing the file extension. It sounds like you are only editing the filename.

    You can change folder view options to show file extensions. Once displayed, you will be allowed to change the file extension from m4a to m4r. You can also do it through command line (DOS prompt), if you know how to use the “ren” command.

  • Mike

    So I’ve made the .m4r file for a couple of ringtones. The first two worked just as stated. The synced to the iphone and I can assign them to contacts. Now I can’t make any more. They show up in itunes but not on the iphone. They are under 30secs and I even tried powering off the phone and restarting. In itunes the ring tones are checked to sync as well. Any suggestions?

  • Amy

    I have been working on this since my husband got his iPhone three months ago – here’s my problem: I cannot delete the AAC copies from my iTunes (8.0.2) and therefore cannot import my .m4r copies back. HELP!!

  • Amy

    Never mind – It worked!! I finally realized I had to be looking at the actual file in the library, not a playlist, in order to delete it. Going to sync now….cross your fingers for me!

  • Amy

    Yea!! Thanks for the tutorial!

  • jungkook kim

    thank you

  • craig

    how do you make a text message sound on the iphone?

  • Barb

    Ok, after following the initial directions, then reading all the other comments to help me adapt it for Windowns XP, i think I finally got it to work. Maybe there is an easier way, but this was definitly helpful.

  • Singbarefoot

    Figured out my “it’s not syncing even though it shows in iTunes under Ringtones…” problem…when I was going into my iPhone Settings and clicking on Sounds, I kept looking for my custom ringtone within the original ringtone list (alphabetically–it made sense to me). When you open up the Ringtone folder on your iPhone, it defaults to the Standard list–and I was scrolling down. Finally I scrolled up…and there was my Ringtone.

    I cannot believe I have spent so much time on this–but I was determined to have a fun ringtone!…I just wish the simple fix was mentioned on here (which is why I am posting)–as a new owner I was definitely clueless…it didn’t occur to me that the Custom folder (oh…yes, alphabetically that word comes before Standard) would be at the top!

    On the other hand, my Ringtone is there, it works, and it was easy to make. Now that I figured it out, I am going to have fun making more! And I will always scroll in both directions from now on!

    Thank you for the easy to follow directions for the process–I made my Ringtone in Garageband, which was easy, easy, easy…

    And if you end up with the four extra seconds from Garageband added onto your tone, just shorten it per the instructions on this page–it works the same.

  • Lott

    Thanks you very much for this help!! Works perfectly fine!

    Very nice explained, I think everyone should be able to understand this. 😉

    To all the people of whom it doesn’t work: have you already tried to reduce the length of the ringtone? (at the beginning of the proces, by checking the start – and end time) I’ve noticed that, up to 30 seconds, you shouldn’t have any problems. However, you can always try to make it a bit longer, but it is not sure iTunes will accept it as a ringtone.

  • Hanna

    Thanks very much for this, and I am determined to crack it! I have followed all the steps, read all the comments, some of which helped (particular thanks to Steve for his tip on renaming in XP); I can see the ringtone on my phone in iTunes, it seems to have definitely copied across, but I cannot find it on the phone. I have tried switching off and on again, I have scrolled all the way up and down, but cannot find a “Custom” ringtone folder anywhere. So near, and yet so far… this is incredibly frustrating. Please help.

  • Hanna

    PS Just to make this even more frustrating, I performed the same exercise on my husband’s phone, and it all worked perfectly!!!

    PPS Happy new year, one and all!

  • Rick

    After hours of trying to follow these directions, I have m4r file on my desktop but when I double click nothing happens in itunes on my mac. I do not have a jailbroken iphone, but this precedes any attempt to sync with the phone. I have followed all directions, inculding setting the itunes to look for aac files. The length of the tune is 27 seconds. What to do?

  • Lizzy Boo

    I abouslutly love this. I’ve had my iphone since feb 2008 and I hate paying for the ringtones. Thank you sooooo much, your the best,


  • robert

    hey dose this work with windows vista!?..cuss iv been trying it and wen i put it back it comes back with the same name…not .m4r..please help…lol

  • Krizto

    What freaking 10 minutes are you talking about, making 1 ringtone took me about 2 min

  • James

    thank you so so much:) I went to folder options and it fixed all the problem.

  • Claire

    1st) i cant create an AAC version and im the administrator of my computer.

    2nd) i thought maybe it would work if i just put it on my desktop and yeahh it didnt work
    like i tried naming it to m4r. but that doesnt help either. idk what to do. please

  • scott

    Not sure what all the complaints are about. This was very informative and worked to perfection!! Thank you so much Will. I was pretty pissed at the limitations to what songs could be converted by Apple and was even more frustrated when a song I had purchased was not “allowed to be converted”………..fortunately, the song I wanted wasn’t scratched on the CD I owned.

    Further info:
    1. like someone else mentioned, following the steps after the first time literally takes 2 minutes.
    2. I found the ringtone wouldn’t work at 51 seconds but would work at 38 seconds.

    Thanks again, hopefully when Apple catches on again, you’ll be on top of it!

  • Gillian

    Will – Many thanks for your hard work to get this out to all of us iphone users. we’d spent two days looking for some way to create ringtones till found your site. It took a bit of working out – but we got there in the end. Once you get it right , it’s easy. great work !!!

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    Very nice solution! 🙂

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    Does this not work for jailbroken iphones?

  • Ted

    Worked great!

    Out of curiosity, what’s the standard length of a ringtone?

  • Shonn

    How do you know if you have only renamed the file or actually changed it to a file extension?
    I have vista.
    These are my steps: made a new folder, named it song.m4r, unchecked hide extensions and applied it. Went back to folder and dragged it to iTunes, but it is still just showing up in my music and not ringtones!
    What am I doing wrong?
    I have the original version of the iPhone and my itunes are up to date. Help please 🙂

  • ian

    i cant get the m4r files to show up in my library

  • jman

    Was having problems using a mac until I added an extra step- worth a try if still having issues. After the 29 second AAC is made (or however long you make it) from that version create another AAC version. You will now have 3 in your library- the original, the first AAC version and this second copy. Put that on your desktop and try it.

    When you select Get Info while on the desktop it should now have a proper duration. Before, for some reason, all the ringtones reverted back to the previous length of the song

  • Evan

    ok! i have the file converted correctly. now do i create a ringtone folder or should there already be one?

  • dotdotdot

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  • RIMI

    Hey everyone,
    THese steps are tremendusly helpful thank you alot WIll..ive followed all the steps and have got to the point where dragging my made ringtone into the ringtones folder in my iphone doesnt work. I have the most recent itunes, iphone 3G and is not jailbroke…can anyone help me with this problem..it wud be greatly appreciated..thank you in advance

  • RIMI

    oopps another question..how do u jailbreak an iphone and is it necessary for this process?

  • lilbloody4

    I did all of the steps and it shows up on my iphone, I set the song as my ringtone but when someone calls me the song doesnt play. Send me an email at lamonwilliams@ymail.com with answers please!!! Thanks

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    Thank you, it has been so clear, I’m a vista user and with ur help I have like a bunch of ringtones, but I’m wondering if will it be possible to make a ringtone sound when I get my email, I have sonar from blackberry in my iTunes library and I would love to hear it when I get a mail instead of that vibration thing… Thanks!!

  • Melissa

    This is great!!! I have to give you credit for coming up with this process! I just want everybody to know that I have a jailbroken phone and I had no problem following these steps. The slight mistake I made was not making the clip 30 seconds or shorter (this explains why the ringtnes wont sinc on to your phone 🙂 but once i figured that out I could make all of the ringtones I wanted!!

    Thank you again

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    GREAT, many thanks for this amazing tool, thanks thanks thanks you are great. JP

  • paige

    it is way easier than you guys think.. it seems hard when you read the directions but once you do it one time then you get the hang of it. Once you get the hang of it.. it takes about 10seconds tops to make one.

  • Cor

    I cant seem to find the ringtone on my phone i have done all the steps it is in itunes under ringtones. the ringtones are set to sync. but i still cant find it on my phone… any one know why?

  • Brian

    I am stupid. I have read through the steps 50 times. I create the AAC, copy that to my desktop, delete the one that is in iTunes, right click and rename to “getup.m4r” (But I think this is where the issue is, I don’t think it’s actually changing the properties of this song) and copy it to “Library” when highlighted and it copies to my library, not my ringtones. I would seriously pay for the ringtone, but iTunes screwed me over. I paid .99 cents for a ringtone that is not authorized to play on my phone. Fantastic!

    I’m frustrated. :/

  • Brian

    Nevermind, I finally got it! What it was is that you have to go to “My Computer” -> “Tools” -> “Folder Options” -> “View” -> Scroll down and UNCHECK THE BOX THAT SAYS “Hide Extention for Known File Types” then press “Ok” to save what you have changed. And voila!

    Then do exactly what Will says and it works perfectly! Thanks Will!

  • ronr

    This works like a dream! I’ve tried so many different options and they were missing something in the process; I’m not even sure what it was, but this one’s got it.


  • Max Kalifornia

    Do we have to have JAILBROCKEN phones in order for this work? I’m following all the steps, but after iTunes shows it has been synced, I can’t find it on phone.

    Looks like a few of us are having issues with that, so if you someone can give us a hand, we would appreciate it.



  • Max Kalifornia

    NVM, I realized that today it worked, yesterday I saw the same tutorial but did not delete the copy and I was expecting it to be in my iTunes folder.

    Thanks for this, you’da’man!

  • suzy

    I do not have an apple computer, does it matter?
    Because it will not let me rename the file to .m4r

    any thoughts?
    thank you

  • carly

    wow! thank you so much! this was SO clear and i was able to change all my favourite songs into ringtones! you really helped me out! thanks again!

  • carly

    oh, and suzy – i did this on a PC (windows vista). i’m not sure why it’s not working for you. good luck!

  • Chris


    It kinda not work on my computer when i draged it onto my desktop, the file wasn;t (.m4a), but i still added .m4r and draged it bak to itunes and nothing happended the song just sat in the music section.

    Need some help plzzzz

  • Smiley

    Open your controll panel and go to folder options ; go to VIEW ; uncheck “hide extensions for know file types”. Now you will see the extension on the desktop and can edit the a to an r.

  • Tatiana

    When I am renaming the file on my desktop into “.m4r” it is still keeping the “.m4a” extension on it which I think is preventing me to use the song as a ringtone.

    Can anyone help me out and let me know how to get rid of the “.m4a” extension as these other ringtones are driving me crazy.

    PLEASE 🙂

  • Vanessa

    you actually can change it to .m4r…. all you have to do is go to control panel and “folder options” and uncheck where it says “hide extensions for known file types” in the “view” tab, then you should be able to change it

  • Tatiana

    Okay, so I managed to get the file extension to .m4r and it is showing up in my iTunes ringtones but when I try to sync it with my iPhone the ringtones are not showing up at all.


  • Mick

    I am having the same problem, it is showing up in my iTunes ringtones but when I sync it with my iPhone the ringtones are not on the iphone or in my Ringtone tab for iphone in itunes

    please help!!!!

  • Alicia

    Thnanks so much for this, works great and instructions are so easy to follow! Brilliant!

  • Vanessa

    The place I saw my ringtone was at the very top in the ringtones section in the iPhone…. It should be under custom

  • Alisha

    Thanx a bunch !!

    So useful and very easy to learn from the way uv explained it all .

    Also the windows vista tip was very helpful ! =)

  • Dave

    It worked for me, but step #9 cannot be done unless you change your import settings (under the “advanced” button) first. iTunes simply won’t let you create AAC or Apple Lossless files until that setting is changed. For some strange reason.

    I don’t care a bit whether it takes 10 minutes or not. I have the music files and don’t want to pay _again_ to make a snippet into a ringtone. It actually took longer to find the start and end points than to do any of the other steps.

  • Dave

    If your ringtone doesn’t show up on your iphone when you sync up, make sure itunes allows syncing ringtones, or that you select your new ringtone(s) to allow them to be synced.

  • David

    This was a piece of cake. No more than 3 minutes per ringtone. And the tip abot XP and creating your own folder made it a breeze. Stupid none ringtoning iPhone is foiled again! Now if only MMS were included…

  • Trevor

    This Fucking Rocks Hard! Hell Yes!

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  • jayme

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    Pleas help me i have a problem with iPhone i cant download music,videos,ringtones,when i click to music folder in iTunes where is writen My iPhone i want to put music in my iPhone it shows that i cant it shows a circle with a stick also i gave my iphone to an machanik and he repaired but it spoiled

  • Chelsey

    when i drag the new .m4r file to my library nothing happens and when i click on it (from my desktop) to play, itunes plays the original song. why?!?!

  • Mag

    Thanks to both of you . . . I did the steps in the first post, but have a PC so had no idea why it wasn’t working. Now it does! Once you do it a couple times it really doesn’t take that long. Thank you!

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    This was very helpful and i found it very simple, at least more simple then i thought the process would be so Thank you!!

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    This is simple as it gets! Thank You. Worked Great!

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    I am trying to follow the instructions but I have iTunes 8.0.2 and it seems they removed the “create Apple lossless version”. Any new updates on how to get around this? Thanks!

  • Tracy

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  • Mick

    Tried all the above, I have working ringtones in itunes, but they will not sync to iphone or show up in my devices in itunes under ringtones or on my iphone. I must have the only iphone in the world that that hates new ringtones


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    Thank you so much for that, it was the quickest and the easiest method. love love love it!! =]

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    Worked well for me! Thanks! I’m an old cuss with little or no technological skill but this worked without any hassle. The wild turkey calls and such may annoy others, but sound better than music to my ears! LOL.

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    Hey, thanks a lot for this, it’s super easy & quick. Did my first one in about 30secs 🙂

  • crys

    after sucessfully changing the filename to mr4 (even in properties, it shows as a ringtone) it still stoesnt show up in my ringtones section, even after the deletion of the duplicate file from the recycle bin ? help … using vista (and yes, i changed the file extension after clicking view file extensions etc etc)

  • Paul Tweedlie

    Will, you are a God! Thank you! My iPhone is now complete!

    • Will Park

      Well, I wouldn’t go that far 🙂

      I’m just glad the info helped you out…

  • desperate

    the song appeared in my libary as ringtone but when i sync my iphone and click selected ringtones there are no ringtones in tht box, does any one know what i am on about, i really want to make a ringtone, can anyone relate? anyone know an answer?

  • Angie

    First of all, thank you for this info. I’ve tried and tried to figure out a way to get free ringtones for my new iphone. When I done it the first time it worked like a charm…no probs. But, when I went back to add more I had some trouble. I did it just the way I did the first time and they all showed up as ringtones in itunes, but when I synced my iphone they didn’t show up on it. All of the ones I first made are gone off of the iphone (though they are still in the ringtones section on itunes) and the new ones didn’t go on either. Any idea what the problem is?

  • Amy

    I used 19 seconds of a song and copied it to my desktop, deleted the file from itunes, changed the extension and copied it back into my ringtones section of itunes. When I copy the 19 second song to my desktop, it shows as 0 seconds. Any idea why?

  • ginoe

    concise instructions, didn’t work at 1st when 43sec but now works when reduced to 30sec. great tip – thank you!

  • mike

    does not work for me file goes back into itunes library not in ringtones. when I change the file extension it does not ask me if I’m sure I want to chamge it. could that be the problem? help me somebody PLEASE.

  • D

    Worked like a charm. Thank you so much. Now my fon “Kissed a Girl”

  • Sam

    If you’re running vista and want to change from .m4a to .m4r, click on organise, then folder and search options. Then click the view tab and uncheck ‘hide extensions for known file types’.

  • paterick

    Alright. This is a very easy thing to do, but requires you to already know by the heart certain ideas.

    Extensions are files’ last names. To change yours on Vista search ‘Folder Options’ and uncheck hide file extensions.
    —-Then it’s as easy as changing an ‘a’ to an ‘r’

    Ringtones MUST be less than 40 seconds…I have 39s that work.

    It WILL make you feel better about how long it takes, if you do a lot of them at the same time.
    —–Just keep clippin’ em and converting. When you’re done move em all change the last names and DELETE THE OLD ONES.

    Once you’re done you can find them on your iPhone’s sounds when you scroll up.

  • Todd R

    That rocks, cool as dude.


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    Doesn’t work. The mr4 file will not upload into iTunes either by dragging uploading the file. It won’t go into the music or ringtones library.

  • saddle wawaw

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    somebody help!
    i got as far as step 13.
    im lost!!!

  • Rebecca

    Hey. This really works!.. but only for songs that I put on itunes from a cd… The songs I bought from itunes are “protected” and it keeps telling me I cannot convert protected music. Is there a way around that?

  • Gal

    Thanks Will for the simple and easy to follow tutorial. I think someone should just go and delete Susan’s nasty comment.

  • mpk

    it works!! YAYYYYY. i had trouble with renaming the file…did what one of the user above said to view the invisible file extension and changing the extension from there instead of just typing .m4r as part of the file name.

  • george p

    Thanks a lot! Works fine with my itunes/iphone!

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    Hm… I have iTuens and this does not work. When i drag the duplicate file onto my desktop it does not give me songname.mp4 it only gives me songname.

    • Duc

      disregard that last i found out the problem… should have read the previous posts

  • Alan

    Thanks for this, Few things ive found, you can do it with songs downloaded from the apple store, as long as your iTunes is authorised to play them. If the song is too long – itunes will not recognize it as a ringtone – it will simply ignore it.


  • Champagne Charlie

    Thank you for simplifying this process. I’d made several unsuccessful attempts at creating ring-tones for my i-Phone until I discovered your page.

  • matt

    I noticed that whenever I went to drag the file from the new folder To iTunes, I clicked play after I renamed it and it automatically put it in the ringtones spot.

  • Vince

    I’d just like to add that with itunes 8.1 Apple changed something (at least with mac) and now this method no longer works. However, if you’re looking for a really REALLY simple way to do this, Garageband 09 has a iphone ringtone creation option

    using this option you can just drag your time-cut mp3 file from the media browser into the track window and click “export to itunes” and it works perfectly.


  • C.Clamour

    Thanks Melissa for clearing up the additional Vista steps, found the ‘tools’ menu by clicking alt, then uncheck “hide extenisons for known file types” i could finally change the format of the file to .m4r!

    I thought i was going crazy.

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    I tried this with Vista Ultimate, works like a charm. After the first few steps of making the duplicate file, click on that file, and get info, tells you where the files is located, then edit the extension there, and drag to the library, done, easy, took me all of 5 minutes tops to do it. The most time was spent locating the part of the song I wanted as a ring tome.

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  • mariana

    mine works fine until i sync my iphone, it appars like everything is goig well but i just cannot find the ringtone in my iphone

    • Paolo

      Hi Marina my came up under Ringtones but in a box entitled ‘Custom’ which appeared in Settings Sound Ringtones above the Standard ones

  • Paolo

    I persevered and with your great instructions and the feedback from others, in my case renaming the m4r file did the trick. It still came up in my iPhone with the original name so what the heck. I found the whole process relatively simple and it really took no time at all. Thanks again

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    Im running itunes 8.02 and using a 2g iphone on 2.2.1

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  • Annia

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    THANKS… even though I have yet to get a ringtone to work. I seem to get stuck at making the file change.

    All the steps help people like me.

    If you don’t have anything nice to say….
    or the post is a fraud…
    come on. Really!!

    I have 2 friends who directed me here and they love you. I will hopefully soon get a ringtone. I will finish reading all the posts but I had to say thanks!

    mean people suck

  • Jack

    Under Folder Options for XP user you have to deselect “hide extensions for known file types” in the options. Then you can change the extension

  • Macy

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  • Melissa

    Will, I am complete retard when it comes to computers, can you help me please?
    I have gone through all the steps given, but have Windows Vista and cannot seem to find/understand what the other Melissa suggested about saving the “clipped” audio to a file first and then hitting alt. Where do I find “tools” also? (Tools>options>alt) Please help. Sorry you have to take your time to walk an idiot through this, but I’d REALLY appreciate it.

  • Melissa

    Just kidding…. I figured it out. WOW! Great post! Thank you!!!

  • Mayra


  • TuneBoy

    This worked great. But in order to download new apps on my iPhone, it looks like I have to update iTunes and the iPhone firmware. Did Apple “plug” this little hole? Do I update my firmware and iTunes?

  • goldphoenix

    This method is easy and works great for me. Takes about 30 secs for the whole process, what takes the most time is deciding what portion of the song to use for the ringtone! I’ve made dozens, and I what I love most is that I can make a ringtone from any one of my songs, not just the ones iTunes has decided to make available. If you can’t handle these simple instructions you fail.

  • Zarrelle

    Its not working for me either. I just got my 16GB iPhone and everytime I do it the file .m4r never pops up in my ringtone file….why is that? And yes im running 8

  • Dave

    Works beautifully! As an added tip, use an audio editor (like Audacity) to more precisely extract a small part of a song, or to convert a WAV file to MP3. I have Homer Simpson announcing my texts & emails 🙂

    • Dave

      Spoke too soon… didn’t realize that text messages work differently from ringtones. #*$#&# Apple!

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    creating this on vista can be a pain -_-

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    How to add text tones anyone?

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    for all you haters out there leave the poor fella alone hes giving free advice, get a life for god sake

    onwards & upwards


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  • cath

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    thanks heaps for the info. I found that instead of dragging it onto the desktop or creating a new folder, if you just right mouse click and ‘show in windows explorer’ you can edit it from there and it’s a bit quicker.

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    This is excellent!! Took me a few times to get it ironed out, but it’s friggin easy and quick when you get used to it.

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    As soon as the 3.0 software update arrives it will truly be the most awesome phone with no competition!

    Thanks again!

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    Where on earth is the “library” column?

    • Tracey

      It’s on the left of the screen – It’s one of the headings “LIBRARY”, “STORE”, “DEVICES”, “PLAYLIST”

      If you drop the file onto the heading it will correctly place it into the correct sub-heading. You may find that it will only go to ringtone rather than both music and ringtone

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  • Tracey

    Fantastic information – really helpful.

    One of the last steps about renaming the file extension to .M4R needed going to the dos command prompt to do a copy rather than just a pure rename (I’m on Vista). Far to hard to read the Vista doco on how to do this.

    Also the file when copied back from i-tunes went to the .M4A (.M4A = Audio .M4R = Ringtone) extension. I then realised the importance of “A” and “R”!!

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    i cant get this to work have tried many times,
    when i rename the file to .m4r and drag it back to itunes it doesnt work.
    and i dont have a jailbreak iphone.

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    Then i synchronized…

    But now i can’t see it in the iPhone

    Can anybody help me ?

    • bentlezandbenz

      Hey Mast, if everything was ok and it shows up in your ringtones, just make sure you enable Ringtone Syncing under the iphone menus.

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    Thanks Will. I appreciate the time it took you to let us all know this.

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  • John Gunn

    Oh yeah, I now do it with pre-shortened samples using an audio editor. Easier to get the length and volume spot on. Too much fun. Thanks again.

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    1. Follow all steps above.
    2. After copy to your desktop, open MY COMPUTER
    3. Press “Alt” button once, and choose TOOLS
    5. Untick “Hide file extensions for known filetypes

    That’s it. Then Follow steps given again.
    Thanks for sharing. I’ve created mine at last. =)

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    for me itunes is one of the worst music players out ther its a real pain sometimes.
    Good job for finding this out though!!

    • Brain power

      You should consider putting down your phone and paying attention in 4th grade English class!

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    • Brain power

      which your phone connected, ake sure you go to the ringtones tab and select sync all ringtones. I did the same thing and had to go back and check the box.

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    • Adolfo

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    for windows xp users make sure you deselect “hide known file extensions” then replace the a to r and drag back into itunes.

  • Ken

    Great! Everything went exactly as you laid it out. However, when I got to Ringtones and tried to download the one item that was there, I received this popup……..

    Are you sure you want to synch ringtone? All existing songs, movies and TV shows on the iPhone Kenneth’s phone will be removed.

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    Thanks for the great information!

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  • Brain power

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    I also had trouble doing that and was just about to e-mail Will Park for assistance when I decided to go through the comments on the website first.

    I have successfully made my first ringtone and am lank impressed! 😉

    Will Park, thank you so much for your hard work to make this possible! Love ya! 😉

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    • Adolfo

      SEE POST FROM 6/21/09 from “Pam”- having the same issue at that time

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    I created a ringtone but couldn’t understand why it wasn’t synching. Sounds silly but make sure you’re checking the “Sync ringtones” box in iTunes, hehe!

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    Stop whining and start making ringtones!

    Thanks again!

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    I’m having the same problem as Vicky. I’ve got iTunes 8.2 and can get as far as my .m4r file in a folder on my PC. However, when I drag this (tried both the folder and the file) into iTunes, nothing happens. It has a symbol next to it which says ‘copy’ but doesn’t appear to do the copy. My edited file is only 10 seconds long. Any ideas?

    Many thanks

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    OK So I found out what you do, I have vista but i’m sure its the same for everyone. The thing that will make the difference is you:

    Go to The Control panel from the start menu

    Then in the search bar that comes up with the new window type in Folder Options

    Then you click on the folder options link, to bring up another new window

    Then you select the view tab on the new window

    Then you left click the checked box that says “Hide extensions for known file types”
    -After clicking on the box making sure there is no fetching check on there, All you need to do next is….

    Left Click Apply Button = Eternal Joy and Happiness.

    Now you can go to all the fetching song files you want and change the M4A too M4r to have a instant ringtone.

    WAM BAM THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~IN YO FACES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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  • Tessa

    Thank you some much for this tip 😀 It is good to know I do not need another application to create a ringtone! For those that are unable to make it work, please make sure you follow the instructions above step by step…you miss one and it will not work. I use the latest MAC OS and latest Itunes and Iphone 3.0 Software and it worked for me..

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    thank you so much and ciao from Milan, Italy

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    Any thoguhts? Thanks again

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    You can rename files really easy for those of you using vista. Just shift right click on the desktop after dragging the file to the desktop and open a command prompt. Then just type “ren songname.m4a songname.m4r” and done. If that doesn’t work type “dir” to see if your computer condensed the file name and redo it with the condensed name.

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    I have an issue with calendar requests from Outlook.
    When I receive an email on my iPhone 3G-S with an imbedded calendar request from Outlook, I am unable to view it, except or deny the meeting request. All that shows in the email body is an icon named mime-attachment.ics.
    I called the Apple store for help and their response “We know nothing about Outlook”.
    Thank you in advance!

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    Question: I complete all the steps, but when I go to sync; I receive a message stating “Are you sure you want to sync? All existing songs, movies and TV shows will be removed.” I am using iTunes 8.2.1 (6) and iPhone 3gs 3.0. Any thoughts? I don’t want to re-sync my media every time…..

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    well here it is august 2009 and this tutorial is awesome and still being used! After hours of searching for the American version of the One Last Call ringtone (WHY is this such a secret … all I wanted was the name of it) I finally ran into this tutorial, spent 5 minutes and wella! Thank you SO very much. I don’t know why people are so rude, but that ringtone had meaning to me and I could not get it off my other phone of course, so coolness and thanks again! iPhone rocks, but they make many things so difficult. I love this option now of being able to put *anything* on my phone; woohooooooooo xx

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  • pizzedoff

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    • ashley c

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  • ashley c

    for some reason this wont work…i think i am messing up on the rename part…i dont understand that.. could you please email me ashleycox_22@hotmail.com

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    Please update the instructions to read that the selection MUST be 30 seconds or less, not 40. Anything longer then 30 seconds will not sync to an iPhone with OS 3.0 or newer.

    • Will Park

      Thanks for the heads-up!

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  • 50sFan


    Thanks for this method of creating iPhone ringtones. Your method did work for me. However, with a few glitches. I cannot seem to delete the original from iTunes. But it doesn’t seem to prevent the ringtone that was created from sync-ing and playing as a ringtone.


  • jeff

    Not using a hacked iPhone, but after following the steps closely, the edited version of the song did not end up in the ‘ringtone’ section of my music library. It only ended up in the library itself. Any tips?

  • Katherine

    I cannot change from a m4a to a m4r ? i have right clicked and renamed but it remains in the m4a??

    • Nick

      you have to create a new folder on your desktop, put the song in the folder then open the folder, open tools at the top, open folder options, click the view tab which should take you to advanced settings, unclick the box that says “Hide extensions for known file types”. click apply and then go back to the song in the folder, right click it and go to properties and change the name there from a .m4a. to a .m4r. then drag the song back into iTunes.

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    I will also add that the other help offered in the comments was also very usefull.

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    • Brian

      Adding: iPhone 3Gs NOT jailbroken. 3.0 OS

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    I now can freak people out with the “One Last Call” ring tone in Japan :D.

  • TiFFAny

    Hey,I’ve done everything and so far it’s all worked. This is where I’m stuck…. My song is in the ringtones tab and renamed and all and i’ve deleted the 30 sec version from my itunes library. When I sync my phone and the ringtone is selected to sync it does not copy over. Under sounds on my Iphone 3g, there is no custom option where my tones should be found. I tried restarting my iphone and syncing many times, I even tried a few other songs. They just won’t copy into my sounds on my phone. HEEELP!

  • coldwarrior

    This was super great and super free. Thanks for everything. Once you get it the first time it should be at most a minute job all things considered. Thanks again.

  • Brandi Roddy

    Alright, so i have done all the steps, and it worked great, but it will only let me put one on, even though i have like 5 in my file of ring tones. is there any way i can put more then one or is this all i can do?

  • Helen

    Thank you for this tutorial :). Took me a few goes to get the hang of it but most was due to the settings on my computer.

    Step 9 I had to go into iTunes preference and change the settings so it saved as the correct format the apple lossless.

    The I needed to untick the hide extensions so I could rename it correctly.

    But now I know how to do this and have my system set up correctly I can plod on and make ring-tones to my heart’s content ;).

  • Mike van Kuik

    Thanks for this hack.
    Very good description of how to get the thing done.
    I’ve posted a link on my site to your story here because I ran into the ringtone issue myself.
    I’ve also added a request in my blogpost to Apple that they make it a feature in a new version of iTunes it would save us the hassle and it would be pretty nifty if they’d automate it a bit.
    Lets hope they google themselves a lot 😉

  • MellyMel

    Just wanted to say thanks! Took me all of 30 seconds to clip a song into a ringtone without having to download bug infested software etc. Nice clear steps for people that are new to the whole iPhone thing (or just plain old tech dummies lol), Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • joneyMong

    well is work so good at first i cant change the extension from .m4a to m4r coz i am using XP so just like you said put the song in the folder. Tools- Folder Options-view- under Hidden Files and Folders untick the Hide extensions for known file types ……there you go work perfectly Thanks

  • Andrew

    I did this and they ringtone show up in my itunes but not on my iphone under the ringtones section. Any suggestions?

  • Anne

    I’ve tried everything. I have Windows. I have Itunes 9. It just doesn’t work.

  • dturpin

    Thank you for the steps. I had to do some adjustments with the lenght of the song, but once I got that done, it showed up in my ringtones.

    I appreciate you taking the time to post this.

  • dturpin

    Oh. I have iTunes 9 and windows vista and it worked fine for me. Seriously, only make your song shorter and it will work.

  • Aleda

    AWESOME! Thank you for making that pretty much dummy proof,..although I did read through the comments on how to view the tools in the “my computer/desktop” area.

    BTW: If you were confused on what “Widows viewer” was, It’s My Computer and then click the desktop view instead of C drive or whatever the default is.

    If I didn’t know, I’m sure someone else didn’t. 🙂

  • James

    ok ive done everything and when i did step 9 to create the aac i cant even click on it at all in the advanced tab and its not even there when i right click the song…i did everything change the preference to aac version and all that stuff but still does not work…does n e one know wats wrong???

  • Kam

    where can i get the the new extension is this a tool to convert extensions

  • Reeny

    thank you for giving info on how to change file name, that was the only thing holding me back. And thanks for the steps theyre easy and it works hehehe. Thank You Thank You Thank You

  • steve

    hey everyone this really works. i found out how to do it at work and tried it here with these steps and its awesome

  • vince

    thanks a lot 4 taking the time to post this. big ups!!!!!

  • Adam

    Hey when I get my AAC files on iTunes and copy it to my desktop it does not show up with the extension .m4a on the end? Do you know why?

  • Will

    I tried all the methods listed and it didn’t work. I have Windows Xp and I went under tools file options and their is nothing their about going into exhabition mode.

  • joy

    I don’t have is as an option to make the file an .m4r or I am misunderstanding how to do it once I get it to my desktop. I am using windows. Could you help?

  • Aman

    Thanks soo much, it worked for me! To be honest it was quite simple i dont know what half of these ppl are complaining about. Its pretty straight forward and you even gave the print screens of what was being done. Thanks a lot once again.

  • KODO

    Hi All,
    Its showns in my ringtones.. but when i sync it it just stays in itunes not sync’ing to the phone.. any idea why please

  • Nick

    Thanks, I was having the same problem.

  • Michael

    If anyone is still reading this… Do I have to jailbreak my phone before this method will work? I have a 3Gs with the 3.0 OS.

    • LESLIE

      Michael you shouldn’t have to do anything to your phone to make it work. I just now made and put some ringtones on my 3Gs. If you have Windows Im not much help but everything worked just fine when I did it! Hope you get it goin!

  • Sabrina

    I did everything, but I can’t seem to change it from m4a to m4r. i have vista. i changed the name and added m4r but the extension now says song.m4r.m4a


  • Olga

    I can’t do it. Help!!!


    Yes Susan, it is simple! Seems like it may take a tad bit longer for Vista users, but


    it’s still quick and easy. You use the same one application to make your ringtones as well as sync them to your phone. So what’s the big deal? I usually don’t respond to these types of things but geez if you don’t like the suggestion someone was nice enough to share with everyone you dont have to use it. Instead of bitching about the # of steps you would have to go through, just shut the hell up and do things the way you are used to doing them. Thanks to whoever put this info out there! It really does work and it’s very simple. I always see people bitching about something or other on the internet so every now and then I like to put my two sense in as well! Peace Bitches! 🙂

  • vane

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the help. I just got my iPhone 3G today and was agonizing over having to pay for a nice tone. I searched for HOURS on how to get free tones – you are a life-saver!!

    And I found your instructions very simple to follow, and you WEREN’T missing any steps, as other people may have said. If they couldn’t follow your play-by-play (with helpful images, I might add) then they don’t belong anywhere near a computer. Thanks again!!!!

  • Soob

    very solid keep it up bud

  • Toree

    SO HELPFUL! I struggled at first because ive got Vista, but thanks so much! :]

    Glad to know I don’t have to pay up the butt for ringtones now!

  • joey

    worked great with iTunes 8.x Thanks!
    trying to do it now with iTunes 9 and it wont reimport the .m4r in when i drag it into “Library”.
    Did they stop this free-ringtone creation in iTunes9 ??

    any help is appreciated!

    • tango

      I am using iTunes version … and it worked just fine, don’t have to delete the .m4a file.

      Just copied it to anywhere you like, rename it to .m4r, and then drag it to the Library. To verify, go to LIBRARY / Ringtones and you should be able to see it.

      I did a manual sync and it worked the first time and thereafter. I managed to stretched the ringtones from 30 to 33 seconds and the last one to 40 seconds (with no deadspace at start, middle or end).

      Good luck!

  • JiMbO JaMeS

    thanks for all the comments so helpful when trying to do this awesome thanks again

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  • sonu

    A very very great article for creating iphone ringtone..

  • tango

    Awesome! It worked the first time and I manage to get the ringtone to go for 40 seconds.

  • Coff

    This works great and on version 9 too. I’m sorry if there are now other ways to do this but I’m not tech guru and am simply pleased to find this method works. Thanks for all your effort Will

  • James

    Worked for me running iTunes 9.0.1 with an iPhone 3GS. Thankyou very much!

  • Farah

    hi, this was a great tutorial. easy to use and totally works. thanks. have created a bunch of cool ringtones of the latest songs now.

  • Jay

    Superb Tutorial.

    I wanna say to all people having problems followin it
    they must read every step thoroughly

    “songs from ripped Cd’s or itunes or purchased from any online music site can be used. because those website put DRM on the SONGS so itunes would not allow you to make ringtones of em!!”

    Thanks for this trick though, now i can change my ringtone everyday instead of having that same Marimba ringing again n again.

  • Migs

    Thank you SO much for this tutorial!

  • Cody

    This is way too many steps. You can do this in just 4 steps if you go to mobilespin.net and use their free ringtone tool. It generates a .m4r at the end which you can drag/drop in iTunes and sync to iPhone and you’re done

  • tramy

    Thanks Will, you rock!

  • bill42

    Well I did this and made a ringtone in a few seconds… but I am pretty fast with the computer. Pretty simple for me..

  • Nec

    Great note, thnx my friend! it works great and it’s very easy from the second time you try the procedure! well done…

  • Natalie

    Vicky –
    re: your issue with not being able drag into itunes, try dragging it into “Library” once it has been highlighted – then click on ringtones and it should be there 🙂

  • Michell

    hey thanks for the info. The only problem I had was when I made the original shorter and then converted it to ACC, it only saved the start time of the song, so it was longer than 30 sec. So i just went into the info of the 2nd song and changed the end time, then made another copy. Other than that it worked great!! thanks heaps and no i dont have a jailbroken iphone but it is the new 3GS

  • Ria

    I’ve done all as advised with the above info. When I sync the iphone it says it isn’t read I have windows please help?

    • Ria

      Sorry that the ringtone file has not been recognised on itunes.

  • Jezz

    Many thanks Will – fabulous work and 5 stars 🙂 For anyone having probs with syncing on the mac, if you have manual handling selected for managing music, then you must manage ringtones manually too. Drag the tone – NOT to the ringtone folder (too obvious) – but to the ‘phone icon itself and it will show up in the ringtone folder subsequently. I got a message telling me it would remove all of my music until some kind stranger on Macrumours pointed this anomaly out!



  • Gianna

    guys and girls this is so cool – I really appreciate all the info, I was struggling but now I’ve got it and its easy!! thanks!!

  • Shaun

    Thanks! Great work. The tips are really appreciated. It all works fine for me.

  • Negrix

    Thanks for the tutorial. … I can not get it to work with a recently jailbroken 3GS… any suggestions

  • natalieee

    hey! when i put in the start and end times and pressed okay it comes up as being 1:02 duration but i put in :
    START TIME: 2:31
    END TIME: 2:59
    😐 thats only 30 seconds. when i play it, it starts from 2:31 but will go all the way to the end of the song. yes im putting in the right times ive checked. HELP!

    • natalieee


  • Carissa

    So I’ve done all that, but I just made 5 new ringtones from one song. 3 of the ringtones are :29 second, and 2 are :27 second. And only one song (one that’s :29) actually shows up on my phone :/ All of them show up when I use iTunes though, and I can play them in iTunes, but I just don’t see them on my phone at all. Do you know what I have to do?

    • Carissa

      Also, my phone IS jailbroken and what ever, but I just don’t get why it only worked for ONE of the new ringtones I made today. I think actually earlier another one (the 3rd version I made) was the only one that worked. Now it’s only the 4th version.

  • Rith

    I would like 2 ask u about iPhone ringtone. I already follow ur 18 long but I can’t cuz I didn’t have Ringtone on my library.
    May u tell me what can I do man? Thz 4 help!!!

  • Karen T

    Thanks for the tutorial – was a great help and simple to follow.

  • PYT

    Many thanks! I made a no. of ringtones for my windows mobile phone. Was wondering how to get them into Iphone. This was very helpful. Merry Christmas!!!

  • Fe

    OMG thankyou so much….it took me a while to work out how to do it (but then Im no wizz on computers) but when I read the comment about vista computers I worked it out very quickly. Now I know what I am doing it takes me about 10 seconds to make a ringtone for my phone. It has been doing my head in that everyone with an iphone has that same ring ring for there tone….I am constantly thinking my phone is going off when its not its someone elses….so I think you deserve a lot of credit for this 🙂
    Thanks again

  • Michael

    thx for the awesome tutorial dude!!!
    I really needed it!

  • TJ

    Hey guys,
    Ive followed all the steps so far, ive converted it to a m4r file, but then i try to drag it into the library section and it doesnt appear. it highlights but then doesnt go into the ringtones section. Can anyone help clarify this part of the stage and if anyone can do any print screen displays for this bit, it might help. im a bit of a technophobe. lol:). Im on Windows and using itunes 9 and iphone 3gs. Thanks folks! 🙂

    • shersleather

      If you drag it to the top left area right under the Play button, (where it says Library, Music, TV Shows, etc…..) and drop it there, it should add it to the Ringtones section. (That area will highlight when you have the file hovered over it too.)
      I hope this helps. 🙂

  • chris

    Worked great for me, ty dude!

  • shersleather

    This works great! Thanks so much! 😀

  • Blaine

    Hey All, Quick comment
    You need to turn off the “Hide Extensions” bit on a PC to be able to change the extension to m4r. Just search “hide or show file extensions” and go from there. It’s quite simple

  • Parag

    Hi Wonderful idea for creating ringtones on iPhone, I use iTunes and works just fine. thanks a lot.

  • Betsy

    I am giddy with glee! It worked! I am not very itunes savvy and even i got it to work right – thanks!!!!

  • shawngonza

    THANK YOU SO MUCH ! im not gonna lie it did take me a few minutes to change the m4a to m4r because i have windows 7 . but i searched on my own & made it happen! this is sooo easy and so convenient! thanks again 😀

  • kc

    Hi when i got to step 16 (dragging the newly named file into itunes library) nothing happened. I deleted the original 30sec file i made before importing. My import settings are on AAC and i renamed the file affix to .m4r. I also changed my settings on my mac to show the file extensions…. but it still didnt import =(

    Please help

  • Lu

    Thanks so much! You guys rock!

  • Michele Hanigan

    I’m sure this way rocks, however, I’m just not having any luck. I think when changing the file name may be throwing it. I do have Windows so I created a desktop folder to save the song in. I did the folder options to change the extension there but the icon didn’t change to anything indicating it was now a ringtone. Should it have?

    Finally, your last two steps may also be what I’m messing up on. When you say drag the song to the library, are we dragging and then dropping it into the music part of the library and then dragging again into the ringtone folder (the highlight part you mentioned)?

    I’ve tried this on 3 different songs, and none are showing in my ringtone library nor are they showing in my Itunes summary section under ringtones. (I did manage to uncheck the default for that section though.)


    • Will Park

      You can try shortening the song to 20 seconds.

  • Michele

    Why are they not showing up in Ringtones?

  • Jo

    Excellent, works great just follow the simple steps. Only one thing to note, if you save you ITunes to an external drive you must change this to save in your itunes library only, then it works. Just remember to change it back!

  • shanek

    you can also try mobilespin’s free online ringtone tool. You can upload your file, clip it and download the .m4r – drag it to iTunes and sync, and you’re done!

  • Soo

    So super easy, and it worked perfectly. Thank you very much!

  • nir

    it’s in my itunes ringtones library but it doesn’t sync to my iphone… any ideas??

  • A. Parker

    Thanks so much for this tutorial! The same instructions work in version 9. I found that if I deleted the original from the desktop after dropping it on Library iTunes could not resync because it couldn’t find the file (as pointed out by Byron on 11/23/09 above). I just created a folder under the iTunes Music folder (Vista) and copied the file there first then dragged to the Library.

  • Rowena

    THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!! so helpful…. it took me 2 goes cos the first time i didnt read it correctly but in the end it was sooooo easy… dunno why sum ppl are complaining 🙂 cheers

  • Rowena

    by the way, i have itunes 9 and it works all the same

  • Kim

    It is my itunes but won’t sync to my iphone, any resolution???

  • jaegpiece

    everyone whos complain about it being hard fuck off its easy 4 simple steps:
    1. pick song then edit start and stop time, then create it to aac.
    2. drag file to desktop then delete file from itunes library.
    3. rename file form .m4a to .m4r
    4. drag file from desktop to itunes library= free ringtone

    people need to stop being so damn lazy and thank the genius who told us how to do this or you wouldnt get to choose any song and would have to pay $2 a ringtone.

    thanks to the man who first posted this file i appreciate it and thinks its a very easy process

  • Godforsaken

    I don’t think this is a long tutorial, it’s well explained and simply works


  • Rachel

    It worked for me, thank you SO much!!!

  • Joe

    Hey I can’t get this to work using itunes 9 and win 7 – It all works until I try to change to m4R – the properties show m4a and won’t let me change them and then it simply shows up in the library not in ringtones … Help please

    • caitlin

      i'm having the same problem.

  • TvT

    Great, not long or hard. Simple too – I run a Linux Box with iTunes in a Windows VM. iTunes version 9.02.25

  • potnoodle

    i had great trouble at first but found this comment which helped…….
    "you have to create a new folder on your desktop, put the song in the folder then open the folder, open tools at the top, open folder options, click the view tab which should take you to advanced settings, unclick the box that says "Hide extensions for known file types". click apply and then go back to the song in the folder, right click it and go to properties and change the name there from a .m4a. to a .m4r. then drag the song back into iTunes."

    • Eileen


    • Eileen


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  • Dazgaz

    Superb and very easy to use. Good tutorial.

  • Rob

    I got this to work the first time I tried it. However, I can’t get it to work anymore. I do the steps and I make the ringtone but it won’t open or play (it won’t move to it) in the ringtone section itunes. I think the problem is when I go to convert to ACC it does NOT make a dulipcate copy. It just says it’s converting. It did the first time I tried this but it hasn’t since. Could this be the problem and if so how can I fix it????

  • Mark

    it shows up on the itunes and says i have it but then i go on my iphone to change it to be my ringtone and it does not say that i have it anymore… help please?


    Oh Great! best instructions on the web, thanks a bunch

  • Dragonlady

    I can't move the new ringtone into my itunes library.

  • cormac

    how do u change from m4a to m4r?

  • anne

    I followed the steps and dragged to the library, but I have no ringtone folder and it does not appear when the m4r is drug up to to library. any suggestions

  • Sheila Radford

    Ok I made the ringtones they are in my iphone.. I can go into my settings then to ringtones yes they are there when i click on them they play.. but when you call my phone i don't hear the ringtone i made and set to be my ringtone just one of iphones ringtones.. why? any1 know how to fix this?

  • Monica

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  • Trevor

    extremely helpful! Thank you!

  • wendy1819

    can anyone help me?…cuz when i did the step that pop out ur title and (mpa)..then u suppose to change it to (mpr). but i didn't see (mpa) after the title, that a problem…can you guy help please…

  • Ben

    fantastic tutorial…i'm sorry if it is not "simple" enough for you… but converting a file from your music library COULD NOT BE ANY SIMPLER. thanks a lot man, i was sick of paying for ringtones of tracks i already owned!

  • Mackan

    Thanx, easy as hell…

  • Jim

    Had success with one, failed on the next. Tried the 2nd 3 times, then wondered if it was a text field problem. The album name was long and had a colon in it. Removed from colon to end, synced again – and it worked.

  • Forrest

    I plan to build one simple iPhone app for this, any good suggests welcome

  • Chris

    This method used to work for me, hasn't worked for a few months now. I'm stuck with songs from last summer, lol.

  • corey

    Drag it into devices at the end, NOT library. mine worked after that 🙂

  • joe

    does this wrk on the new iphone 4 bc i just did every step and i see it in my library but not my ringtones

    • Torres20

      Yes mate. It just did for me

  • Jean

    Does this work w/ itunes 9 & windows 7 w/ iphone4….when i go into the properties tab I see the .m4a tag but its in a place you cannot type in. The window will only let the actual name of the song be changed. Let me know if there is a round about way to changing this.

    • 88ender88

      you have to be working with a song in your itunes library, NOT one directly off your phone. you can change the .m4a extension to .m4r on the desktop.

      • Shamus 86

        Not on Windows 7. It appears when you put .M4R after the filename the file then becomes ‘songname.m4r.m4a’. there is nowhere I can change the extension.

      • Kristen

        How ? Can you all be more specific on where you change the file ext? Ty!!

      • stuts

        on your desktop, press f1 for help, and then type file extensions… one of them will talk about showing file extensions.

        Follow the instructions to show your file extensions, and then delete the .m4a behind and replace with .m4r

  • 88ender88

    worked perfectly thanks for taking the time to explain!
    would be nice if there were fade in/out options included too, but really like how precisely itunes lets you crop your jams conveniently right where ringtones are synced. hardly takes any time once you’ve figured it out.

  • gg

    There’s an easier way to do it on iPhone, it’s Ringbuilder, I recomand to everybody !!!

    • Torres20

      I was struggling for hours to do a ringtone, but to no avail.

      I downloaded RingBuilder, and it worked straight away!

      Funny thing is, I didn’t even do it via the app, but just having the app, opened up the “Sync Ringtones” option, which was never there before.

      This is why so many people are syncing, but not finding the ringtone on the phone!

  • Alexe

    Love ur work!

  • Sunil Reddy

    Thanks for the 18 Steps. I was able to convert my favorite songs to iPhone Ring tones. It worked perfectly as you mentioned.

  • John

    Well it’s a quite difficult way to create ringtones for iPhone, there is a much easier one, Ringbuilder, available on the AppStore (http://itunes.apple.com/fr/app/ringbuilder-creer-vos-sonneries/id388838108?mt=8)

  • Juju97417

    Hello! I download Ringbuilder, an application who you can create your own rigntones. It’s very practice…

  • Nick

    I did all that was asked…and added the Vista info and finally got the ringtone in rintone section….but now says iTunes cant apply top my phone cause it cant find file. I did uncheck the box in Folder options, and renamed and it went to ringtones…but says “wasn’t synced because cant find file ??

    • Stuts

      Don’t delete your m4r file… XD

  • iGG

    Try Ringbuilder a nice App’ available on AppStore. So cool application with you can share your own ringtones thnks to BUMP, try it, I recommend to all guys !

  • MacForJuju

    Hello world!! I found this app and it’s very simple and effective. It’s Ringbuilder => http://itunes.apple.com/app/ringbuilder-creer-vos-sonneries/id388838108?mt=8

  • Genius!

  • Vdtiti1969

    Everything went well until I reached the file on the desktop… I did not find a way to change the extension from m4a to m4r… I am stuck from there.

    • Eileen

      You are so right – how do you do it, how do you get to the file extention,  i have itunes 10 and windows xp

    • Eileen

      You are so right – how do you do it, how do you get to the file extention,  i have itunes 10 and windows xp

  • Cmcq82000

    Hi, I have no problem converting the file to m4r, but i cannot delete the copy from itunes to reimport it.
    I’m using itunes 9

  • Acrossman7

    Everything worked great, but my problem lies in how to I get it as a ringtone on the iphone. It goes straight into the ipod section of it, as a music file. How do I get it as a ringtone, Thanks!

  • Johnny Ixe

    Or you can use GeoRing app to change your ringtone to any song in your iTunes library with just a few taps. Unlike other ringtone-making apps, GeoRing doesn’t require iTunes syncing, which means your phone can ring with any song, instantly. Plus, create a Ringtone Playlist and hear a new ringtone every time. GeoRing randomly picks a song from your playlist when your phone rings. No other app makes ringing so much fun. You can find GeoRing in the App Store.

  • Darimcgehee

    What to do if it does not create a ringtones folder, everything else worked perfectly

  • J11

    thanks so much, had to faff about a bit,but once I got it working, happy bunny

  • Iraj

    tnx. it is so simple.why i cant make more than 1 ringtone in custom ringtone?

  • Domainstop

    Thanks sooooooooooooooooooo much for your help! :^)

  • What about windows 7,I cant find where to do the “Tools -> Folder Options -> View (Organize -> Folder and Search Options on Vista), and uncheck the Hide extensions for known file types box. Then click OK.” Help Please!

  • leng

    I am not able to do this ever since I reboot my iphone. The song (after file name changed to .m4r) appeared under Music instead of Ringtones. How to solve this please..?

  • leng

    I am not able to do this ever since I reboot my iphone. The song (after file name changed to .m4r) appeared under Music instead of Ringtones. How to solve this please..?

  • Preesh!

  • Thanks for your awesome advice! I have been using this for years and love all my ringtones I have made with it. I love that you can specify where in the song you start and finish the ringtone.

  • Ae

    grrreeeeeeeeeat tx

  • laramik

    I tried this and it didn’t work. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. It’s not showing up on my phone when I try to change my ringtone…

  • Drumsofdoom1995

    I see the same exact answer to the question everywhere, exactly the same. Here’s the problem, m4r doesn’t work. I can change my files from mp3 to m4a to wav and everything, but I can’t get it to be m4r, and I find people asking the same question as me, and the only answer is “rename the extension” 

    • I just did it, and changing the extension to m4r worked perfectly!

    • guest

      I had the same problem. You have to make sure you can see the file extension when you are renaming it. It’s one of the options when you go to my computer, then options, then view. Make sure the option that says “hide file extensions” is unchecked. 

  • Puxsa123

    This doesn’t wk at all…

  • Laurastamps_2000

    These are great directions. Super simple to follow and worked perfectly! Thanks so much!

  • Laurastamps_2000

    These are great directions. Super simple to follow and worked perfectly! Thanks so much!

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  • Leighton

    it does work, bit tricky at first but you will get the hang of it

  • Pigtrotter

    Awesome! Worked a treat. Only thing worth mentioning is that I couldn’t find the ringtone on my phone until I made sure the ‘sync ringtones’ box was checked when I went into my device in itunes.

  • Robert L

    It really does work. However, I find the easiest way to change the extension is through the old DOS command prompt.
    Go to Start and in the Run box, type CMD
    In the new box that opened, type in CD DESKTOP
    DIR *.MP3
    Locate the name of the song. If you only have new ring tones, type the following command:
    RENAME *.MP3 *.,M4R
    Or if you choose to only do one song, type RENAME SONGNAME.MP3 SONGNAME.M4R
    Type Exit to get out of dos.
    Then follow the rest of the instructions for putting the new ringtone into Itunes.

  • Robert L

    It really does work. However, I find the easiest way to change the extension is through the old DOS command prompt.
    Go to Start and in the Run box, type CMD
    In the new box that opened, type in CD DESKTOP
    DIR *.MP3
    Locate the name of the song. If you only have new ring tones, type the following command:
    RENAME *.MP3 *.,M4R
    Or if you choose to only do one song, type RENAME SONGNAME.MP3 SONGNAME.M4R
    Type Exit to get out of dos.
    Then follow the rest of the instructions for putting the new ringtone into Itunes.

    • MJ77BB

      It works perfectly!

    • jchunt4

      Awesome DOS instructions, thanks!

  • Ajju

    it works great afor me dude… thanksa a lot:):)..

  • Ajju

    it works great for me dude… thanks a lottt:):)…

  • Maris1809

    I managed to follow instructions but NOWHERE does my new rintone appear on my iPhone..Im about to get phone rage…WHERE CAN I FIND IT? Ive been stuffinf around for 3 weeks now

  • Arbee

    great set of instructions … timbuk3 “future’s so bright… gotta wear shades” now my ringtone ! 

    on my itunes I had to open the Tones folder in the Library and drag the ringtone to the phone icon in “devices” 

    Hope this helps

  • alex tero

    i created tones of 40 seconds, not 30 as it says here, and it worked perfectly. 🙂 

  • guest

    oes this work for PC? When i drag the file from itunes to desktop and then change the name, it simply changes the file name and doesnt ask if i wish to change the extension to a .4mr file.

  • MAQ

    Thank you so very much my friend! and Mr. Alex tero is right, it can be longer 🙂 the tones dont have to be exactly 30 seconds, so thanks again for the information, in less than 5 minute I already have over 10 ringtones 😀

  • MAQ

    Thank you so very much my friend! and Mr. Alex tero is right, it can be longer 🙂 the tones dont have to be exactly 30 seconds, so thanks again for the information, in less than 5 minute I already have over 10 ringtones 😀

  • Ray Spoto

    I have a problem as I am not seeing the second song to copy to my filemanager.
    I just see the original one.  when I copy it over, its still long version.

  • Ray Spoto

    I have a problem as I am not seeing the second song to copy to my filemanager.
    I just see the original one.  when I copy it over, its still long version.

  • guest

    i cant rename the file…

  • Fairouz004

    Brilliant!!!!!! worked first time….and I am not techno minded !!! Thanks so much. Now I will have some fun making my own ringtones.

  • This technique works like a charm for me – a lot better ringtones can be set in iphone with this approach. I have also use it to clip music from youtube to mp3 downloaded versions. Works pretty well. Thanks for sharing.

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