Yahoo Go 3.0 for S60 gets voice-enabled search

Back in April we wrote that Yahoo has invested in Vlingo and has used their technology to bring voice support to its OneSearch mobile product. Now the Internet giant has released Yahoo Go 3.0 for Symbian S60 to bring its voice-enabled search to the world’s most used smartphone platform.

Once Yahoo Go is installed, users can access the voice-enabled search with a single click from a home screen. Unfortunately, not all users are “affected with the voice.” Initially, Yahoo Go 3.0 only supports those users living in select countries — including U.S., UK, India, Singapore, The Philippines and Canada.

As for the features supported, you can speak to your phone to find such things as flight numbers, locations, web site names, local businesses, and more… As usual, more information is available on Yahoo’s mobile products website.

[Via: SymbianFreak]

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