Verizon BlackBerry Storm events place launch at late November?

BlackBerry Storm from Verizon

No solid date for the BlackBerry Storm release has been set, but an RSVP site for Verizon-hosted events could be placing the launch around late November. Last we had heard, early November was more likely, but if Verizon is getting pushed back, you gotta wonder if Vodafone is as well. This is cutting it awfully close for the holiday season, considering shipments need to get out, staff needs to be trained and customers need the time to hear about and go out to buy the device. Regardless, if you’d like to get your grubby fingertips all over the BlackBerry Storm, you can register for Verizon’s First-Look, First-Touch event, complete with eats and drinks, at locations peppered across the U.S.

[via BlackBerry News]

  • P’Od


    I am extremely disappointed, frustrated, and shocked at today’s (11/21/08) highly publicized “big release” of the new Blackberry Storm phone.

    I don’t even know where to begin in explaining today’s circumstances so I’ll just try to summarize the details…

    None of the store’s phone recording’s mentioned the “promotional” store opening, so needless to say when I called a few minutes before what I expected was the opening at 9a.m., all of the Storms were already sold out!

    3 of the stores in my area had less than 100 units?! (5, 20, & 75)

    On the phone, I was lied to by 2 different store representative’s: 1 saying they were receiving another shipment later in the day so to come on by; the other saying if I came by they’d waive the overnight shipping fee and I’d have the phone by tomorrow a.m., plus there was “nobody in line” so I could place the order right away…

    After going to the store, (5 mins. away) there were about 10 people in line and 20 or so already in queue or in the store!

    After waiting about 30 mins. or so, still nowhere nearing being helped or getting any answers, the word from the store reps. was that now everything is on back order and it could take up to 5 days to ship if I ordered it today.

    The whole scene was a mess and everyone had a different answer so I eventually left to go home and figured I’d just order it online…

    Of course, that led me nowhere because the icing on the cake was that your website was down!

    For a nationally-publicized, long-running ad campaign, high-profile product release, blogs all over the place about the hype…
    What in the world happened today???

    Didn’t anyone learn from the iPhone releases that there is a huge demand out here for these devices?

    It’s hard to believe that it appears Verizon was not prepared for today’s release in even the slightest degree.

    I do not even know what else to say but this is absolutely ridiculous.

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