SouthWing SH241 Bluetooth headset streams latest news to your ear

SouthWing and AT&T have teamed up to offer users a unique proposition. It’s the SouthWing SH241 Bluetooth headset that comes bundled with AT&T’s service to provide users with access to the latest news, which are streamed directly to the customers’ ears.

In order to listen to the latest finance, news, travel, weather and sports information – users should: a) have their SouthWing headset paired with AT&T’s Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone; b) press a set of buttons; and the information is starting to flow.

The Bluetooth 2.0-enabled SH241 also supports the neat “Instant Alibi” feature, allowing users to call themselves gracefully out of long-running meetings or awkward social situations…

The SouthWing SH241 headset is available for $39.99 at all AT&T stores in the U.S.

[Via: slashphone]

  • SouthWing

    Thanks for the mention of the SH241! Occasional discounts and rebates on AT&T website often reduce the price as well.

    The SouthWing Team

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