AT&T BlackBerry Bold coming with free mobile video?

BlackBerry Bold

I guess it’s only fair that American customers get some kind of consolation prize for waiting so long for the BlackBerry Bold, and unlimited, free cellular video on a qualifying plan is a good start. The BlackBerry 9000 has one hell of a screen, and with both 3G and Wi-Fi in there, it could be pretty nice checking out the likes of NBC, ABC, HBO, CNN, and a host of other major stations whereever you are. Just keep in mind these are just clips, and if you were looking for full-blown mobile TV, you’d be looking at AT&T’s other service. Before you get too excited for the perk, keep in mind this is in the happy land of rumours until it gets official.

Oh, there are some new plans on the way too:

  • Personal: Voice and Data – $30, Data Only – $30
  • Enterprise: $45, $50
  • International: $60, $70
  • Tethering: $65, $65

Maybe our resident mobile TV expert, Ben, can weigh in on the quality of CV versus DVB-H and other mobile video technologies…

[via BlackBerry News]

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