AT&T hosts BlackBerry Bold launch party without devices

BlackBerry Bold AT&T launch party

Nothing says confidence like having a big ol’ shindig for a device you can’t even give out yet. AT&T’s launch party for the BlackBerry Bold went down in New York the other night as scheduled, and they still couldn’t give 9000s away to attendees, although everyone would get one after the official release. You can just imagine some AT&T bigwig trying to hype a crowd (Michael Phelps in tow, giving a grinny thumbs up) full of people who got fed up with waiting months ago and just ordered Bolds from Canada. Word on the floor was that AT&T is still aiming for a November launch, but don’t hold your breath on that one. If all else fails, you could just grab a BlackBerry Storm from Verizon around the same timeframe…

[via BerryReview]

  • Mike Siller

    I just can’t believe AT&T has done such a poor job handling these Blackberry phones. I think most people are really turned off with them as a company. Whoever is on their planning committee should be fired.

  • Donbuck

    To all the whiners who are complaining about receiving the promised Blackberry Bold, You will have it when it is available in the US,
    I am sure all of you already have a phone and planned on selling the free phone for a profit on Ebay so just shut the hell up and wait.

  • Donbuck

    Firing someone because you haven’t received your free Blackberry Bold is a bit extreme would you think? Rome wasn’t build in a day.

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