Samsung Omnia, Samsung Saga and HTC Touch Pro Coming to Verizon in November

Verizon is hopping on the new device train… and as well they should with the holidays just around the corner. If you’re not crazy for the BlackBerry Storm and are searching for different options, it looks like Verizon will have 3 different devices available to eat up your holiday shopping money.

The first option is the Samsung Omnia. It features a large touchscreen, Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro, a 5MP camera, GPS, 8GB of internal memory and more. Lots of good features built-in to the Omnia. In fact, if you’d like to read more about this device, Will wrote a great post highlighting its features.

The second option is the Samsung i770 Saga. The i770 is to replace the i760, which is ‘getting on’ and needs to be replaced with something newer with features consumers want. If you need the physical keyboard and a more traditional look to a smartphone, the Saga is it.

Last but not least is the HTC Touch Pro. The Touch Pro is slightly bigger than the diamond and is a slider with a full-sized QWERTY keyboard. It’s got a beautiful VGA display and combines the best of the touchscreen and physical keyboard factors into one fancy-schmancy device. Expect pricing to fall around the $300 mark, currently where Sprint has their pricing set for the device.

[Via: BGR]

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