HTC CEO Peter Chou expects to move 600,000 T-Mobile G1 handsets in 2008

The T-Mobile G1 is sure to have see healthy sales over the 2008 holiday shopping season. With the T-Mobile G1 recently launched and T-Mobile G1 television advertisements pushing the handset to every corner of the US, we’re expecting to see the G1 break the 1 million unit sales-mark before the end of 2009. But, what good is a projected sales-goal without any official announcement?

Today, HTC CEO Peter Chou has let it be known that his company is expecting to move 600,000 T-Mobile G1 units off the shelves and into consumer pocket before the end of 2008. He stopped short of commenting on sales projections for 2009, but if the fervor stays hot, we wouldn’t be surprised to see proportionately impressive sales in the next calendar year.

The 600,000 unit sales goal for the T-Mobile G1 echoes initial estimates that had HTC shipping between 600,000 and 700,000 T-Mobile G1 smartphones into waiting Android OS fans’ hands. It should be noted that the 600,000 estimate may be an under-estimate from HTC, setting the company up to blow out early predictions.

Whatever the case, Peter Chou is confident that the T-Mobile G1 will be able to capture potential iPhone 3G customers in the US with its pragmatic design, fuller feature-set, and the QWERTY keyboard. “Americans are very keyboard-oriented,” said Chou.

He may be on to something there.

[Via: MocoNews]

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