Force a software update on your T-Mobile G1 – Update T-Mobile G1 to Android RC29

Tired of reading about all those lucky T-Mobile G1 owners that have been getting their Android OS RC29 over-the-air update? Can’t wait any longer to see how Android RC29 improves your user experience?

Well, fret no more, dear reader. You can now force your T-Mobile G1 to update itself to the latest Android OS version (RC29). You’ll need to have your microSD card handy and be within reach of your G1 and your computer in order to update your T-Mobile G1.

Then, once you’ve ensured that your T-Mobile G1 is fully charged (or at least charged to 80%) and you’ve come to terms with the risk of turning that shiny new T-Mobile G1 into an overpriced paperweight (seriously, there’s a minor yet real risk of bricking your G1 by doing this), follow the guide below:

  1. Download the T-Mobile G1 Android RC29 update file here, here, or here. (Download to Desktop)
  2. Rename the file from to
  3. Copy the newly renamed “” file to root directory (base level, no folders) of your microSD card
  4. Disconnect your T-Mobile G1 from your computer if you used the data cable to access the microSD card
  5. Turn off the handset by holding down the “Power” button
  6. Turn it back on while holding down the “Power” (End Call) and “Home” buttons
  7. When you see “Triangle” icon, open the keyboard and press “Alt” and “L” simultaneously
  8. When you see some yellow text, press “Alt” and “S” simultaneously
  9. Follow the on-screen instructions
  10. Press “Home” and “Back” buttons simultaneously when you’re done and ready to reboot
  11. The G1 will reboot as it does its thing – let it do so.
  12. Enjoy the new RC29 update!

If you run into an error mounting the microSD card that came bundled with your T-Mobile G1, try using a different microSD card.

Again, you run a very real possibility of bricking your T-Mobile G1 by updating it yourself. Making sure your battery is fully charged and that you disconnect the G1 from your computer before updating will help ensure a smooth update. Should things go awry, however, you’re on your own. (T-Mobile will likely help you out, but it’s not going to be a fun or speedy process)

[Via: xda dev]

  • jacob atlas

    Do not use this method to get the new update. I just talked to someone from tmobile and asked them why some people got the update and I still have not received it. It is because the update is being sent out to random clusters of people so just wait and don’t run the risk of bricking you G1 doing something as idiotic as this.

  • Scot Colford

    Interestingly, I’ve been sitting here having never even received the OTA R28 update, while my husband got the R29 last week and the R30 today. I got fed up and installed the R29 manually today, which wend swimmingly. And guess what? Within a minute after finishing that, I got my R30 update OTA.

    I’m thinking there are a whole mess of phones out there that are going to be left behind if no one realizes they’ve been missed.

  • Will Park

    I’m sure they won’t get left behind. It really is interesting that the R29 build seemed to prompt the R30 update. It’s probably just a coincidence, but still….

    For the record, I have my R30 update waiting for me to confirm the install since Friday.

  • Junior Torres

    Same thing happened to me. I upgraded using this method and within 15 secs i got the R30 update.

  • David

    I gave it a try and didn’t pay attention and hit the “alt” and “s” at the triangle icon.
    Worked fine, said an update was available in seconds, now at RC30

  • Darwin

    is the link working??
    Looks like its dead.
    I want the RC29 Now!

  • Will Park

    Links are updated, you can download the RC29 update using any of the three downloads links above!

  • Ryan

    I just performed the update on another G1 and once again, worked flawlessly 🙂

  • Will Park

    Wow, how many G1’s are you rockin’ right now?

    Did you get prompted for the RC30 update soon after updating to RC29?

  • annie.yu

    I live in hk and g1 is still not officially released here. I bought my g1 in late dec through yahoo auction. my version is RC30 but I can’t see that my phone has the new thingsssss… how come!

  • nick

    What does the update really do for the g1?

  • zack

    hi guys maybe i suck or this website sucks i downloaded the rc29 from here use 2 different memory cards and every time getting error message on line 1……. dosent work at all……….

  • lee

    i live in the uk and was wondering if this process works on uk g1 phones . ive tried doing it this way but it fails everytime dont want to brick mt phone cause i love it and how do i get flash player its so irritating my contract is due to upgrade at the tie of the g2 release but dont want to wait that long for flash . any help tips and advice is welcome

  • Roy

    I guess i will try to force a software update on my Tmobile G1. My son has one too on my acct. I will let the rest of you know what happens. Wish me (us) luck. If it “bricks” i will get the word out as quick as i can on his phone.

  • Roy

    PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU FORCE UPDATE! I just spoke with a tech. Its so easy to see what version you have. I’m a new G1 owner. Im upset about the flash player (other things too). But the updated version wont help. From home(regular domant screen) push menu, touch settings, scroll down to “About phone”, touch, in the info you will see RC29,RC30,RC33, one of those in there. RC33 is the newest. Im a G1 dummy! I hope i can help someone else. Please dont respond with ” you are a dummy”. Peace…

  • tyler

    i see i have version tc4-rc30 but like the person above me he got update rc33

  • moe

    my phone says i have rc33 but i havent noticed any changes like auto rotate or vid rec. do i need this update?







  • Kers

    I did the update but nothin changed?????

  • Rich

    I did everything the steps showed but nothing…. This is like the tenth method i use and it doesnt work, I think im one of the ones thats left behind

  • Jackie

    Hi I’ve done everything up to turning off my phone. Whenever I would get back on and try the “alt” + “l” thing, I can’t really do it since no triangle icon appeared. Even without that fact, I tried it but it didn’t work.

    Another fact is I bought this phone in the US and got the updates and everything. However, when I unlocked it in the Philippines I had to do a factory reset and it reset everything along with my updates :'(.

    By the way what does “bricking” mean?

  • Jackie

    Did I do something wrong?

  • Steven

    I tried this and it says verifying update package on the phone, but after that it says installing update then installation aborted. I tried it many times and it still happens. Anyone knows why it does this? I need to get an update for my phone ASAP because i have the old version and it is annoying..

  • lolita

    i’ve tried this twice and it always says aborted. any other ideas? My g1 is white and my brther’s is black. On my brothers the updates work fine and is a 1.6 firm. is the a difference between white and black ?

  • Andrew

    I have firmware version 1.6, can I update my phone with this method? And what exactly does “bricking” the phone mean?

  • syed asad uz zaman

    I like to my t mobil software update. I need redar software.

  • syed asad uz zaman

    How can I update

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