Microsoft CEO confirms Windows Mobile 6.5, shipping in 2009

There’s nothing like a bit of upcoming mobile OS speculation to get our juices flowing. When Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha dropped a hint that there would be a Windows Mobile 6.5 coming down Microsoft’s mobile OS pipeline, we scrambled to make sense of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile strategy in light of Windows Mobile 7. The industry had widely accepted Windows Mobile 7 as the next-generation upgrade to the Windows Mobile 6.1 platform that is currently on-market. Is Microsoft having problems ironing out Windows Mobile 7? Is Windows Mobile 6.5 something of an emergency stop-gap on the road to a revamped Windows Mobile 7? Who knows.

But, as fun as it is to speculate about the future of Windows Mobile, it’s even better getting solid confirmation on Windows Mobile 6.5’s release.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer went on record and confirmed the existence of Windows Mobile 6.5. Ballmer stated, “With releases we’ll make this year – releases we’ll make with 6.5 next year, Windows Mobile 7, I think we have a pretty interesting roadmap.

We’re not sure what Windows Mobile 6.5 has in store for us, but we’d be willing to bet that the incremental Windows Mobile 6.1 update will bring with it snazzier UI elements and possibly even streamlined functionality. Microsoft would do well to take a page out of HTC’s TouchFLO 3D playbook for future Windows Mobile UI designs.

Windows Mobile 6.5 is great and all, but we want our Windows Mobile 7!

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  • Zak

    Windows Mobile 6.5 is great and all, but we want our Windows Mobile 7!



  • Will Park

    At least there's TouchFLO 3D to keep me from going crazy…

  • d_aders

    "Windows Mobile 6.5 is great and all, but we want our Windows Mobile 7!"

    Really! Mobile 6.5 is great and all! Let's hear about it! Cmon.

    I really think Microsoft blew it with 6.1. If 6.5 can just provide a refined UI and leave the underlying pieces in place, and deliver it faster than what I hope is a complete OS rewrite for Mobile 7, then I'm all for a 6.5 release this Spring, and wait until 7.0 comes out a little more refined. Windows 5, 6, 6.1, and now 6.5 are basically the same with some improvements with hardware processing, interfaces with Wifi, Bluetooth, and email sync.

    And guess what, 6.5 is "7". Don't let the folks at Redmond fool you. What probably have had in development for 7 wasn't anything all that special, and really probably didn't look much different than 6.1 plus some icing. So what to do? Release the "7" code as 6.5 (because that what it really is), and go back to the drawing board for 7 because expectation are now high and their stock price will finally get nailed if it's just another rehash of "6".

    Hopefully Microsoft has finally figured out that the mobile platform is the "future", and they better come out with something revolutionary, or at least a giant leap of evolution from where things are at now.

    Till then, as a tolerant Mobile 5, 6, and 6.1 user, I'm willing to accept my "7, sorry 6.5 now, and really look forward to have something that will make me stay."

    As soon as Apple releases an Iphone with a qwerty based keyboard with improved MSExchange/Async support, I'm likely gone.

  • Zak

    I actually agree w/ you.

    I’ve seen screenshots of what WM7 was “suppose” to look like, and it looked just like 6.1 w/ a blue overlay.

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