VMware to bring virtualization to mobile phones

VMware has recently announced plans to bring virtualization and its many proven benefits to mobile phones through the new VMware Mobile Virtualization Platform (MVP).

From the release:

VMware MVP is a thin layer of software that will be embedded on a mobile phone that decouples the applications and data from the underlying hardware. It will be optimized to run efficiently on low-power-consuming and memory-constrained mobile phones. The MVP is planned to enable handset vendors to bring phones to market faster and make them easier to manage.

As for the benefits, VMware argues that thanks to the wonders of mobile virtualization, handset manufacturers should experience two things: accelerated time to market, and easy migration to rich operating systems. On the other hand, businesses and end users will experience the power of true multiple profiles — individuals’ collection of applications, pictures, videos, music, emails, bank info, credit card information, PIM, etc.

Want to know more? Here’s a link to the official release and here’s the VMware’s mobile page.

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