Samsung rolls out 115 mobile phone charging stations in US airports

Mobile phones, iPods, laptops are all welcome here

Samsung mobile charging station - Mobile phones, iPods, laptops are all welcome here

If you do any kind of traveling through the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), you’re probably already well aware that Samsung Mobile has started distributing mobile phone charging stations throughout departure terminals. Samsung launched their airport mobile phone charging kiosks last year to help tech-addled travelers keep their electronic gadgets juiced up pre-flight.

Samsung Mobile has announced that they’ve installed an additional 115 mobile phone charging stations in three more US airports – George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston (IAH), Miami International Airport (MIA) and Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD). The new charging stations will help keep busy travelers’ mobile phones and laptops topped off, allowing them to work before and throughout the flight without worrying about losing charge.

According to Samsung, “The Samsung Mobile Charging Stations have four outlets per station, allowing multiple travelers to re-charge their electronic devices. They are designed to re-charge personal electronics designed for U.S. voltage (i.e., 120 volts). The electrical re-charging stations are designed with a small shelf to hold electronic equipment.”

Samsung’s mobile charging stations help put the mobile phone maker’s brand in front of 395 million pairs of eyes annually, in 10 airports throughout the US.

[Via: CellularNews]

  • Hans

    I've seen the Samsung charging stations the Los Angeles airport. They are ugly and inconvenient. Ugly because it's a big power strip with a sign on it and inconvenient because you have to stand at the station to charge your stuff (unless you want to risk leaving your gadgets there). It's just just a cheap way for airports to add power outlets without having to pay for it themselves.

  • Simon Sage

    I dunno, it's better than nothing. Power jacks typically are hard to find in an airport – you tend to see a lot of people sitting on the ground next to a washroom with their laptop because that's the only place there's a plug.

  • Dan Spence

    Have someone at Samsung email me, I got a great idea for your mobil charging station.

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