NVIDIA Tegra-based smartphone in the works at Microsoft?

Seeing their arch-rival Apple enter the mobile phone game and having fantastic success with the iPhone and iPhone 3G is likely chapping Microsoft’s hide to no end. The all-too-real rivalry between the two companies has sparked speculation that Microsoft is developing their own iPhone-competing mobile phone. And, the latest rumors to surface indicate that the Redmond-based Microsoft is indeed working on a new cellphone.

Word on the street has it on “well placed sources” that Microsoft is developing a new mobile phone based on NVIDIA’s all-in-one NVIDIA Tegra mobile chipset. The NVIDIA Tegra mobile platform was debuted earlier this year at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and the newer Tegra 650 chipset is expected to integrate an ARM CPU, a HD video processor, an imaging processor, an audio processor, and an ultra-low power GeForce® GPU in to a mobile chip that is “up to 10 times” more efficient than the competition.

Microsoft is expected to debut their new mobile phone powered by the NVIDIA Tegra chipset at next year’s Mobile World Congress 2009 Barcelona. Shipments of the new MIcrosoft handset are expected to follow shortly thereafter.

[Via: TheINQ]

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