BlackBerry 8900, Pink Bold coming to Rogers?

Mock-up of the pink BlackBerry Bold

Mock-up of the pink BlackBerry Bold

So long as we’re talking pink today, rumour has it Rogers will be releasing a pink BlackBerry Bold alongside the new BlackBerry 8900 Curve in January ’09. The Bold hasn’t seen anything in the way of new paint jobs yet, despite a couple of coloured battery doors being in the works, but I think the popularity of pink among the female demographic speaks for itself. As for the new Curve, it was launched on T-Mobile Germany recently, offering the same crisp screen (480 x 360) as the Bold and a better camera (3.2 megapixels), the same Wi-Fi and GPS capabilities, but no 3G.

Rogers’ sub-brand, Fido, should kicking off BlackBerry services soon as well, starting with the original Wi-Fi Pearl (BlackBerry 8120) the second week of December and the newer Pearl Flip in Q1 ’09 for $50 on a two-year contract. Two-year contracts are hard to come by in Canada, so good on Fido for setting the bar for the big boys. New data plans from Fido should also be out by the end of the week, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Oh, and thank Bplay for that extra pink.

  • sandra

    ich will das haben…wie komme ich daran??

  • natalie


  • annie

    Does anyone know if this will be confirmed? If not I’m getting the black one and getting a pink case. I wish they would let us know.

  • chivs

    I!!!! can’t wait for the new blackberry in pink coming soon I LOVE IT!!!

  • Nora

    Oh Gooddness meee!
    I want this one!!!
    It’s so …HYPE… So Glamorous!
    When is it coming?
    I love iiiiit

  • Angel

    This phone is like a dream come true they need to hurry up and put it on the shelves!

  • Lilly

    I’m in love!!!! It’s so PRETYY!!!!
    please please release it! ASAP

  • Dawn

    I Need To Know Please If Really This Pink Bold Blackberry Is Going To Be Released Soon Or It Is Just a Romur..!?
    Am Looking For It For Long Time Now With No Answers.,

    • jerrilyn

      I hope the pink Bold comes to Verizon soon!!!!!!

  • jerrilyn

    Gotta have a Pink Blackberry Bold, I’m up for a new phone May 25, 2009 so I hope its really soon!!!!

  • Princess

    I want my princess phone!! Omg it was made just for ME!! I want it NOW!!

  • mia

    when this phone coming in indonesia ? i want to buy this phone , hurry up , please . this phone is cool and cute

  • Cheya

    How a beautiful this phone


    I like this phone sooo much and I loveee it!!! how can I order it??? when this phone comes to indonesia???…can’t wait for it!!pls,lemme know yaaa!!thanks before, cheers x.x

  • Yaminah

    Omg!! I love this phone! I’m desperately looking for more information on this phone and when it will be released if anyone finds more informationnpleaseeee tell me!! 😉

  • Alanna

    i was just wondering where can i purchase this phone from in the UK?

  • sarah

    is it available 4 verizon wireless costomerss.??!!

  • a.d

    when is it available
    cant wait

  • stacey dean

    hello i have been trying to get a pink bb for a while now can u tell me if u havemore in stock,i so i need one,pls reply asp,thanks.

  • Keityna

    Where can I buy this pink one?

  • Stephanie

    Has this been released yet? Please respond! thank you.

  • Xo_cez_xo

    This phone is a beaut, where can i purchase one from in the uk?

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