S60 HTML Editor lets you edit web pages on a Symbian S60 smartphone

If you’re a webmaster and have a Symbian S60 smartphone, you certainly wanted to have an HTML editing app. This must be especially true if you own one of the QWERTY keyboard equipped smartphones like the Nokia E71 or E90 Communicator. Well, now you can do it thanks to the S60 HTML Editor.

Don’t expect the full WYSIWYG editing, though, rather S60 HTML Editor is an old-school kind of HTML editor which allows fast and easy insertation of HTML tags and entities in files, but that’s still something. At least I don’t need anything else. Actually, I do need a preview function, which unfortunately doesn’t exist in S60 HTML Editor. Guess that’s something they’ll add in the future releases.

Anyway, the application is free and you can download it from here. However, you must have Python for S60 installed, as well as the appuifw2 extension module.

At the moment, S60 HTML Editor is deployed as a single Python script, which you should put in the folder “!:Python” on your device. Once you done that, start Python interpreter and run it from there.

[Via: SymbianFreak]

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