SnapDat brings business cards to iPhone and iPod Touch users

SnapDat has recently launched a free “business card application” for the iPhone and iPod Touch, allowing users to exchange contact data in the form of virtual business cards, which they call “SnapCards.”

Some of the SnapDat features include:

  • The ability to easily create personalized mobile business cards with 40 preloaded design templates. New designs will continue to be added for further customization.
  • Ability to have multiple business cards defined.
  • Does not require users to be in the same room. Users can exchange contact information even if they’re not close to each other via Internet.
  • vCard compatibility – allows users to send contacts to non-iPhone users.
  • Integrates with the built-in address book so that the details from a received SnapCard will be automatically written to the native address book as well as to the user’s computer when they synchronize their device.

But that’s not all. SnapDat also features the so called SnapDirectory which acts as a digital Rolodex, where users can click on a SnapCard to email, call or text a contact, map their address, visit their social networking site or view their favorite YouTube video.

Interested? As I said, it’s a free app and you can grab it from here (iTunes).

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