Dissect your T-Mobile G1 With the HTC Dream Service Manual

If you’re an uber-geek and love taking apart devices to see what they’re made of, and what makes them tick… Then you might want to get your geeky little hands on the HTC Dream Service Manual for disassembly techniques, part numbers, testing methods and more. It’ll help you through the whole process of successfully tearing the device apart. Just make sure you know what you’re doing enough to put it back together. Or better yet, have 2 of the same device on hand so that if you screw up the first time around, you’ve got a working backup. Ha!

Get the HTC Dream Service Manual Here.

My take? Well, I think it’d be great if someone could take the T-Mobile G1 apart, and turn it into an actual half-decent looking device. It looks like a brick. Tssk tssk HTC… Would have thought you could have cranked the ‘sexy’ meter up a bit on the GPhone. Perhaps you’re saving all the style for HTC-branded devices only.

[EngadgetMobile via xda-developers]

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