T-Mobile Dropping Upgrade Fees?

The good folks over at Tmonews have reported that T-Mobile may be doing away with the $18 upgrade fee that has bothered a lot of customers. ‘Want to upgrade? Gimme $18 please!’ I know most will (and have) gladly paid the upgrade fee, but with the whole world economy taking a nosedive, one can’t help but thank T-Mobile for at least doing what they can to help out their customers.

In a statement from the company:

We have received feedback from you on behalf of our customers that the $18 Handset Upgrade Fee is a real customer dissatisfier. Based on your feedback, we are eliminating the $18 Handset Upgrade Free effective immediately.

Besides the fact that I can’t seem to find the word ‘dissatisfier’ in the dictionary, kudos to T-Mobile for eleviating a problem that has twisted the nipples of customers for a long time… And heck, while I’m at it, congradumolations for creating a new word as well.

[Via: Tmonews]

  • Dan Feather

    Upgrades? Don’t talk too me about upgrades with T-Mobile at the moment. In the UK they decided to let customers know that they could upgrade their handsets earlier. Not specifying why or how many months sooner so I thought this was fantastic. Getting tired of my N95 I was giddy about getting a BlackBerry Bold (thanks to a bit of convincing from Si Sage, InToMobile.com). I was offered an upgrade in September/October saying I could upgrade in November. Not having the chance I went down to my local T-Mobile store only to be told I couldnt and that it was a ‘3 Month Early upgrade’ trial which they decided to pull. Even threatening to leave T-Mobile for the iPhone 3G on O2… They would not budge. I wouldnt be so bothered but I can upgrade a month before contract end any way which is 7th Jan… So much for valuing 6 years of network loyalty and business.

  • Kei

    Total b.s. They have not waived this fee and they didnt even let their customers know ahead of time that they would be charging it. The last time I upgraded was in July of 2007, and I am due to upgrade again soon, or I was until I found out about this fee during checkout. I am now switching to another company. I have been a customer of Tmobile since 2003 and I have had it.

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