‘Cupcake’ Developers Working on Android’s New Features!

Android has been in the spotlight a good deal recently. More and more manufacturers are committing themselves to produce an Android-powered smartphone as rumors point towards a T-Mobile G2 coming down the pipeline – all good things for fans of Google’s Linux-based Android OS.

Today we have confirmation from the “Cupcake” Android development team that bug-fixes and new features are in the works. The “Cupcake” team has released a new Android roadmap that promises to bring some sought after features:

  • Cut/Paste in the browser
  • Inline search in the browser
  • Bluetooth A2DP (Stereo Bluetooth)
  • Video recording
  • Improved web browser rendering
  • Support for on-screen, “soft” keyboards

It’s not clear if all the new features and bug fixes will be rolled out in a single Android update.

Android users have been waiting for features like on-screen keyboard support to go live. And, with some Android smartphones rumored to be coming to market without physical keyboards, Cupcake will be the Android branch to look out for!

Google Source

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