iPhone Nano Concept Images Emerge

Looks to be like the featured, or at least the most talked about rumor for the upcoming Macworld conference is going to be the so-called ‘iPhone Nano’. I touched on it a bit yesterday, with news of a case manufacturer already publishing pages on their website for the rumored device.

Well wouldn’t you know it, just as I’m completely zonked and have had it (another long day), I open up my email to find some images of the rumored iPhone Nano… and they look pretty darn good.

The images were submitted anonymously, and by the sounds of it, MacRumors has some real doubts about the validity of the device:

It seems the “iPhone Nano” is the rumor that is going take the spotlight ahead of this year’s Macworld, and while MacRumors is publishing these photos and rumors, we have some serious doubts about the likelihood of such a device. These doubts are based both in the quality of the sources as well as the practicality of introducing a new form factor to the iPhone/iPod Touch platform.

Be that as it may, I actually like the idea of a smaller, more compact iPhone. Something I can stash away easily in my pocket. That said, I think I would enjoy it only it I used the device for incoming/outgoing calls. If I used my iPhone to make calls only, heck, the smaller and lighter you can make it while still providing the same great OS and usability… I’m all over it. But after looking at the images of the device, it appears as though the screen is a tad smaller. Web browsing, gaming, video playback/viewing and the like will all take a hit on a smaller device. If I used the device for calls only, no biggie… But of course, I use my iPhone 3G for a heck of a lot more than that. From my point of view, when you’ve already had steak, why the heck would you go back to hamburger?

As with most rumors that have been going out these days, hold them as just that… Rumors. I’ll believe it when I see it… But at the very least, lets open this up to discussion in the comments, shall we?

[Mactropolis via MacRumors]

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