iPhone application keeps you in sync with your finances

The latest service from the web-based statistics gurus at helps you stay on top of your finances from your iPhone. Mint’s finance-tracking service is open to the public and talks to your bank/credit card accounts to stay in sync with your various finances. tracks your bank accounts, credit card balances and monthly cash flow and displays all the information through a sleek and intuitive interface. has launched their iPhone application for finance-savvy users looking to keep up with their account balances and monthly expenditures from the convenience of their iPhone or iPhone 3G. The new Mint application is available for free from the iPhone App Store.

Be warned, though, that the Mint application for your iPhone will readily reveal your account balances to anyone with access to your iPhone. A password protected iPhone does help on the security tip, but the application lacks any real security. On the up-side, Mint allows you to disable the mobile Mint iPhone application via web-interface, should your iPhone get lost or stolen.

Find Mint for iPhone here. (iTunes link)

  • joel

    Because what could be better than sharing all of your financial information with a third party but sharing all your financial information with a third party via the oh-so-secure medium of a cellular phone?

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