For All the Android Uber-Geeks: Natalie ‘Kommodore’ Thompson

For those of you that read my Android Tattoo post late last night, I happened to stumble upon a new picture for all of the Android geeks in the audience. Yes, that’s Natalie “Kommodore” Thompson pictured above… I’m going to see if I can make her even more famous. Perhaps we should get her on the line for our next podcast? I’m sure Simon wouldn’t mind calling her up?

I can already hear the ‘wheeeeing’ and whining-type noises being generated by the hardcore android geeks out there. Kind of like the sounds Mort Goldman makes (obscure Family Guy reference) from time to time. Yes, I’m a geek too.

ANYWAYS… I think I’ll shut the door on this one. Still can’t believe she has an Android ‘Andy’ tattoo. But hey, whatever floats yer boat.

[AndroidCommunity via MySpace]

  • Bambi Blue

    Hehe – Simon’s exact words to me: “You should get a winmo tattoo so you could be as hot as Android girl. :P”

    Now, I love WinMo, but why do I think a WinMo tattoo would be… less popular right now? 😛

    At least the Android’s cute. (And the girl who sports it isn’t half bad herself)

  • essi

    who’s that girl?



  • Naninok102

    i always do like this girl is very surprise x

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