T-Mobile Announces BlackBerry 8900 for U.S.

Those rumours about a February launch for T-Mobile U.S.A’s BlackBerry 8900 have checked out! GPS, Wi-Fi, 360 x 480 resolution screen, e-mail, web browsing, 3.2 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus, music and video players, as well as a microSD slot under the hood supporting up to 16 GB memory cards. I’ve been playing around with a Rogers review unit for a little while, and I gotta say that it is very slim and compact – just check out some of our picture comparisons to see for yourself. The lack of 3G might hurt some, but if all you’re doing is e-mail, you don’t need much more than EDGE. The screen’s fantastic, and should make folks looking at the Bold think twice.

[via MarketWire]

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