Nokia and Philips co-operate on DLNA

Nokia and Philips announced a new collaboration to bring consumers the ultimate user-friendly home experience supported by the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) protocol. Naturally, the Finnish giant’s idea is to go well beyond handset business, to allow users to do such things as play music from their mobile phone to their home stereo, control devices around the house, or access the content stored on various devices from a mobile phone.

From the press release:

Nokia Home Media Solution and Philips Streamium products are optimized to give consumers a simple, seamless, and interactive out-of-the-box experience. The Philips Streamium wireless audio products will let users stream music from their mobile devices or from another DLNA-enabled device like a PC in order to enjoy the music at home. With their Nokia mobile device, users can control the Philips wireless audio systems and interact with their music that’s stored on their phone, on their PC or on the audio device.

Commenting on the announcement, Nokia’s Richard French said: “Working with Philips, we can simplify the ‘connected home’ experience. When people are shopping for new devices, we want to eliminate the guesswork in buying compatible devices for their home network and help them enjoy hassle-free connectivity.”

As a reminder, the Nokia’s N95 8GB is first mobile phone to get DLNA certification.

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