Palm press event – Live from CES Las Vegas 2009!

Palm is expected to unveil their next-generation mobile platform, Nova, at CES today. We’re sitting here waiting for Palm to kick off the show. Stay tuned for hit-by-hit coverage!

Palm has launched the Palm Pre, powered by the company’s new Web OS platform!

Keep reading for more pictures (a truly massive gallery, if you’re in to that sort of thing) and a live-transcript of the Palm press event!

Now with 100% more video! (Courtesy of Serko)

11am –
Rubenstein is on stage

11.04 –
we live complex lives with data spread throughout the cloud, mobile phones, and computers

To integrate all those different sources of info, you need the right phone and right platform

11.05 –
CEO Ed Colligan takes the stage

11.06 –
people look more at ease of use over processor speed and button

“How can we make the technology invisible?”

11.07 –
“Mobile is our DNA”

11.08 –
Colligan talking about how people have been organizing information over the years

The Palm Pilot was created to help organize information from paper mediums to the digital space.

11.10 –
smartphones work like filing cabinets … you open your information space, search, view, and close

11.11 –
People want to simplify their lives – they want compartmentalized information

11.13 –
Palm wants their new platform to integrate and deliver all information sources in an intuitive way

11.14 –
Palm Web OS was created to help manage all information sources

Developed with developers in mind

Web OS is new platform!

Can develop applications for the Web OS using web-development tools and languages!

11.15 –
John back on stage to show off the new device and platform!

11.16 –
Palm Pre is the new hardware!

3 megapixel camera with LED flash
8GB Storage
Fast processor
HVGA resolution touchscreen with multitouch – 320×480
Gesture area below display extends touch sensitive areas

11.18 –
“Great to use touchscreen devices” but sometimes you need a keyboard

So there’s a vertical sliding QWERTY keyboard!
Curved slider is more ergonomic

11.19 –
compares Palm Pre to “other popular smartphones”

11.20 –
Mattias Duarte takes stage to demonstrate device

“Let’s talk UI”

Web OS is “so simple and so direct that it almost becomes invisible”

11.35 –
Web OS applications work as workspaces that Palm calls “cards”

Every new information source (web, contact, photos, etc.) is presented in its own “card” window

Contacts, photos, email, chat, etc. all appear as different workspace cards

You can seamlessly switch between workspaces (applications), with all applications persisting in the background (when you switch back to an application, it picks up right where you left off)

Seamlessly move between communication mediums – continue your AIM chat via SMS or email

“Synergy” is a new service that pulls contact information from social networks

11.38 –
Global search functionality searches contacts, phone features (bluetooth), and web.

Just start typing for whatever you want – “Blue man group,” “Sarah Smith,” or even “Las Vegas” and the Palm Pre will automatically bring up information sources that match your search criteria

11.40 –
“More to browsing the web than rendering pages correctly”

Web OS and the Palm Pre allow you to open as many web-workspaces (again, called “cards”) as you wish – no limits to browsing multiple browser windows

11.42 –
Gesture controls allow you to manipulate web pages without touching the reading area (touchscreen)

Web browser “cards” have equal weight among other information “cards” and can be organized individually

11.43 –
Mattias plays with the Pre’s accelerometer

11.44 –
Web OS finally lets you work the way you want to work

Unfortunately, the more connected you are, the more available you make yourself to your network of friends and famliy

So, Web OS keeps email, SMS text messages, and other incoming messages partitioned on along the bottom of the display – allows you to keep working on the task at hand without being interrupted by messages.

Ignored messages are stored. Store messages are indicated as “message icons” in the bottom right corner of the device.

11.45 –
Even the most urgent messages are displayed along the bottom of the display, allowing you to view, reply, snooze, or dismiss the message at your convenience.

11.46 –
The Web OS is completely open to developers, so the future of the Palm Pre and Web OS should be exciting!

11.47 –
Web OS gives you so much control” that it makes managing your information seamless and almost invisible

11.48 –
John back on stage to introduce new “eco” accessories

Palm Pre available with inductive charging accessory!

Touchstone wirelessly charges Palm Pre via inductive charging.

Wireless device charging is now a reality!

11.51 –
Ed Colligan back on stage

“Palm Pre is the one phone you can enjoy your entire life”

“Pre is first device that helps you automatically navigate around the web”

Palm Pre is exclusively launching on Sprint

11.52 –
Dan Hesse, CEO Sprint, takes the stage

“Palm Pre is set apart from the competition”

As the first Palm Pre carrier in the US, Sprint will allow people to keep your information organized

Palm Pre allows you to move between multiple applications with a flick gesture – makes it easy to multi-task

Hesse “loves that slight curve” on the Pre, apparently

11.54 –
Hesse plugs Sprint’s network

Sprint is apparently No. 1 in download speeds (citing Gizmodo’s survey)

11.55 –
Sprint is the “most dependable 3G network in the US”

CDMA and iDEN networks are performing at their best levels ever

11.56 –
Sprint talking about opening all their devices to full-HTML devices – no mention of a real “open network”

11.57 –
Smartphones and PDAs are most returned consumer electronics

Customer service and helping customer learn to use their device is very important to Sprint

11.59 –
“With integration [of information], we believe the Palm Pre will be an iconic and innovative device”

Sprint now taking pre-registration for the Palm Pre

12 –
Ed Colligan back on stage

Palm Pre will be available as soon as possible – 1H 2009 (first half of 2009)!

12.01 –
Palm partnered up with many services to bring integrated and third-party services

12.02 –
Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg now on stage to talk about partnership with Palm

12.03 –
Talking about Facebook’s history

Facebook Connect for Mobile coming in 2009

12.05 –
Colligan is back

“Great to work with all these partners”

re-cap – Palm Web OS keeps you connected intuitively with multi-tasking, Palm Pre will help you navigate your life seamlessly, and Palm’s partners will be making the Web OS a serious market player (took Pandora only three days to get their app up and running on Web OS)

All applications for Web OS was developed using CSS, Javascript, and HTML.

12.08 –
John back on stage to thank the Palm team!

12.09 –
That’s it! Palm Pre and Palm Web OS is the new hotness!

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