Free Version of Jott Coming to an End February 2nd

If you’ve been using the voice-to-text Jott application on your device (and are on the free version), the free ride will be over soon. The very handy service came out of beta back in August, and at that time they also added a premium feature for an extra $4/month. The writing was on the wall, the free ride was coming to an end soon!

Since the switch, Jott says roughly 30% of active users have switched to the premium version… And on February 2, Jott CEO John Pollard has said that the free version will come to an end 🙁 Either pony up the extra $4/month, or you can kiss your Jott service goodbye.

If you’ve never tried Jott before, you really should… Especially now since the service will no longer have a free option in a few weeks. You can use it to send voice-to-text emails, messages, send tweets, and a whole lot more. Your voice message is transcribed into text, at which point you can do with your message what you wish. Very handy. I know of more than one person that is absolutely hooked on Jott… I think it’s one of those things (for roughly 30% of people 😛 ) that once you have it, you really can’t do without.

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[Via: TechCrunch]

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