Android ‘Cupcake’ OS Update Destined for End of January?

A little mid-morning Google Android news for us this morning. You may have heard around the blogosphere that the much anticipated ‘Cupcake’ OS update for Google Android was rumored to be coming as early as the 11th of January. Well, since that has already passed us by, Michael over at Google and Blog has reported some facts about the update that are very interesting. He was apparently in touch with a senior G1 PDA Specialist. Below are some of the key facts gleaned from that conversation:

FACT – There WILL be a G1 update shortly as it was INTENDED to be by mid-January so the next target is now by the end of January.

FACTT-Mobile will not just provide Cupcake elements to the G2 and leave the G1 behind.

FACT – The next update will be called RC31 and include Cupcake elements.

FACT – The mass of calls lately for Cupcake is registering and causing T-Mobile to double their efforts in getting the update out.

FACT – When the update is released it will be done in stages “Over The Air” but it will be by region not when you purchased the G1.

Also worth noting here was that Michael’s source confirmed T-Mobile does indeed have a battery improvement program in the works. They’re shooting for either a straight battery replacement, an improvement in efficiency via an OTA update, or a combination of both.

Any way you slice it, should be lots of good stuff coming down the pipes for T-Mobile G1 users by the end of the month. Cupcake on the way, a battery update… Now… Lets just cross our fingers and hope both of these things actually happen 🙂

[Via: Google and Blog]

  • masterjam

    Michael also gave a date of today….He hasn’t said much lately, but he is getting quoted a LOT. I would be wary of using him as a source.

  • akira

    does over-the-air mean we will be notified by text message or will we need to keep checking blogs until the release and follow a link?

  • davis

    So now the G1 wants an on screen keyboard

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