BlackBerry Network had No Problems During Obama Inauguration

You might have heard that cell networks were incredibly clogged during President Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony yesterday. That’s to be expected, at such a historic and hopeful occasion – I know that the live feed from the Facebook page was positively abuzz with status updates, and many folks were even having issues getting the streaming video to work. One network that didn’t have any problems, however, was RIM’s. BlackBerrys use servers set up in Waterloo, thus mitigating a lot of the traffic issues that come up when running through the service provider alone.

On that note, we also heard that although Obama will be requisitioned a Windows Mobile Sectera Edge for all things top secret, he’ll still be able to keep his BlackBerry 8830 for personal use. Personally, I’d like to know his Brickbreaker score…

[via Canadian Press]

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