Boob Wobbling Makes it to iPhone

James posted on a boob jiggling application for the iPhone last month that bafflingly didn’t meet Apple’s standards in taste. Luckily, some lewd Australians have found something that provides at least a smidgen more innovation – Wobble allows users to select parts of an image to wobble, change the wobble radius, and save previously wobblfied pictures for future enjoyment. One thing I’d like to see is a slider that lets you change the jelly factor (more liquid, more stiff, etc.). Call the whole thing low-brow if you want, but it’s hard to argue with success.

“Begun by the ill-fated iBoobs, and to a lesser degree the iFarts application, we at Glentwood are surprised by the attention these sorts of applications are getting” adds Atherton. With over 5000 copies sold in the first four days, Wobble is well on the way to being a huge hit. In comparison, the recent number one hit at the Appstore, iFart, sold around half that number in their first four days, so could it be that animated parts of a photo (again it could be a shaking leg or a wobbling – well you get the picture) appeal more to iPhone and iPod touch users?

Pick up your copy for a mere $0.99 at the iTunes store.

[via WebWire]

  • Sarah

    I think its disgusting, and the last thing women need is for over 5000 more idiots to continue and perpetuate such objectification and degradation.

  • Sarahs Boyfriend

    Get em out Sarah

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