Windows Mobile 6.5 on the HTC Touch Pro… kinda

There’s just something cool about running an as-yet-unreleased mobile operating system on your still-new smartphone. Last we saw, the upcoming Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM had been allegedly hacked and ported to some seriously old HTC hardware. We have to admit, we were a bit disappointed with what we saw in Windows mobile 6.5’s UI design, but hey, to each his own. Today, an xda-developers forum member has released a new Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM for HTC Touch Pro hardware. If you’ve got an HTC Touch Pro (that includes AT&T Fuze owners, by the by) in your pocket, consider yourself on notice.

Of course, this being a pre-release and wholly unofficial ROM, you shouldn’t expect your Windows Mobile 6.5-powered HTC Touch Pro to do more than give you bragging rights to the upcoming WinMo release. Developer Da_G sums it up quite nicely in saying that “THIS IS EXTREMELY BETA. DO NOT EXPECT IT TO RUN WITHOUT BUGS, IT WILL BE BUGNASTYBUGLYBUGGEROONEYBUGMEGALOPOLIS.” Seriously, though. This particular ROM lacks any volume controls and gets stuck in locked mode, requiring a reset.

Find everything you need to get Windows Mobile 6.5 up and running on your HTC Touch Pro here.

[Via: EngadgetMobile]

  • Ezra Olubi

    So how does the image in this post match with the image in your “leaked screenshots” post? check the status bar… the font of the displayed time is obviously different. why not just stop embarrassing yourself and recant the “leaked screenshot” post. LOL

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