Orange Launches Pay As You Go BlackBerry Service

Orange UK just announced a new pay-as-you-go service with the BlackBerry 8120: £145 gets you the handset, and £5 gets you BlackBerry Internet Service, including e-mail, instant messaging and social networking access. The wording is a bit hazy, but I think you have to sign up for one of their current prepaid packages for voice, then you can tack on the cheap e-mail. Canadian carriers jumped on the cheap BIS bandwagon when the 8130 came out, but of course lacked the flexibility of pay as you go.

“With nearly two thirds of UK mobile customers now using pay as you go,” says Pippa Dunn, Director of Pay As You Go, Orange UK, “we are really pleased to be bringing one of the most popular email and multimedia devices to the masses as the first operator to offer BlackBerry on pay as you go in the UK. At Orange, we’ve always been known for innovation and great value, and with the launch of this service, we continue to lead the market – giving UK pay as you go customers the choice they deserve.”

The offer goes live in February, but you can hit up the Orange store for e-mail updates.

[via Orange]

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