Google Setting Price Cap for Apps in the Android Market

android_marketRemember the $999 I Am Rich app for the iPhone? The thing was completely ridiculous. The whole purpose of the app was to give ‘rich’ folks an extremely overpriced app to buy, just so that they could show off how much money they have. The app didn’t do anything. Hit the icon, and all you got in return was a glowing red gem, to view and admire with pleasure. Oh, and it was $999.

Google is hoping to put an end to this kind of nonesense by placing a pricing cap on apps included in the Android Market. Word is that developers can submit apps within the price range of $0.99 to $200.

I tend to think this is a sound idea… However, I did wonder… What if there was an app out there that actually WAS worth more than $200? Doubtful at this point, but it could happen. I don’t think a fully-featured version of Adobe Photoshop will be coming out on Android or any other mobile platform any time soon 😛

What do you think? Good idea?

[Via: AndroidCentral]

  • The Android Site

    I’m already racking my brain to try and think of apps worth $200. Maybe commercial security or corporate integration apps. But I think most apps will stick in the $1-$20 range if they expect any sales at all. Heck, there’s already tons of great apps for free.

  • Ken Fegore

    Are you then saying that an app like ‘I am rich’ would be OK as long as it costs ‘only’ $200?

    $200 may be a lot of money for an app to you, however it is quite feasible for an app to cost that much, or a lot more, depending on the functionality, esp if developed for a particular purpose for a select target audience.

    If you can’t publish an app no matter how useful for more than $200 and can still sell a nonsense app for $200 what is the point of the limit?

    Seems like a completely arbitrary restriction on Google’s part.

  • GDI

    I don’t like the idea because it is like price controls. We all know price controls can have unintended consequences.

  • The Android Site

    I personally wouldn’t care if there wasn’t a cap on prices. If someone wants to make a stupid app that does nothing and charge $999 for it, more power to em. If people actually buy it, even better. And I don’t see why Google should care either, they take 30% of the sell price.
    But I would be hard pressed to find an app that would personally be worth even $200 to me. Maybe a complete home automation app or something. Or an app that actually made me money.

  • Kent

    This is a non-issue. For Apple, the only way to get an App on the phone (sort of jailbreaking) is through their market. This is not the case with Android. Android users can purchase and install apps from places other than the Android Market without hacking the poop out of their devices.

    This is merely a limit on how much Google wants to get in the middle of processing. Nothing stops a developer from selling an app through their own channels for $9000 – if they can get customers.

  • RickB

    There should be no throttles placed on how much an app costs. Most of the apps now on Iphone and GPhone are now games or utilities.

    What if someone develops a mobile app for a small biz niche but saves or makes the buyer thousands of dollars per year? Why not sell the app for $1k or more?

    My thinking is keep the barrier small and sell mobile app’s for as low as possible and gain traction quickly. Then build in a subscription model that ties in with a backend product. This way apple and google only get a piece of the 99cents but not the $200/year subscription. 🙂

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