Cortado Turns SMS Texts into E-Mail


Some people live and breathe Outlook e-mail all day long, to the extent that they neglect the computer’s minuscule computing cousin, the BlackBerry. SMS is still a popular format for quick messages, especially those without e-mail-capable handsets, so those anchored to the desk can easily miss out on SMS messages. Luckily, Cortado just released SMS2Desk, a free application that will shunt recieved SMS messages to a designated e-mail account. In addition to giving you a heads-up for SMS messages, this also acts as a good way of keeping track of text messages which would otherwise be victim to regular memory dumps on your BlackBerry. The conversion works both ways, allowing you to also reply to SMS messages by e-mail on your desktop. A premium version running for 4.98 EUR gives you a few more options:


  • Multi-SMS: Allows you to send several SMS with one e-mail. Write as many as you want!
  • Editable e-mail address: forward and save all SMS to another e-mail account (for example).
  • Limit the maximum number of text messages sent. Allows even prolific writers to maintain full cost control.
  • SMS sent confirmation via E-Mail: so you always know if your SMS was sent.
  • mike newell

    I’m about to buy this but I need to know if there is a way to send the sms messages from adifferent account than my main BB address. So my BB is a corporate phone and I would like to use my yahoo account to send the SMS messages to my gmail account so my SMS messages don’t get into our corporate email archive.

    Is this possible?


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